BetAngel Pro Betfair Trading [VIDEO]

betfair-trading-video-130709Recording my Betfair trading orders using Bet Angel Professional and explaining my trading strategy at the same time was a first for me. I have recorded Betfair trading videos before but today’s video is the first one where you can actually hear me discussing my trading. The betfair video was done for the official Betfair Greek Blog, where I often post educational articles and try helping other Greek bettors or traders, experienced or not. During the trading session I manage to lose in both horse racing markets but the method of thinking remains the same both for winning and losing in trading. My thought process and trading actions were exactly the same as in every other horse race, but the odds did not move as I predicted. You lose some, you win some. When you lose though, try to minimize the losses as I am demonstrating in this betfair trading video!

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Jim is a Greek investor, trader, gambler and writer. By gambling and investing with real money online, he puts his money where his mouth is. He also writes about his success or failure. Connect with Jim: StockTwits | TradingView
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