Drawing trend lines and Recording Betfair Trading Session [VIDEO]

trading-video-220709In my recent articles I explained technical analysis on Betfair graphs and giving out tips how to use trend lines along with support and resistance levels in order to predict the odds movement in Betfair. In today’s trading video I draw the trend lines while I’m recording my trading session so you all can see how I try deciding whether I should back or lay. Either drifting or steaming, the betting odds constantly move and the betfair graphs reveal a lot more than just a picture. Bet Angel Professional is a tremendous help in order to find better entry and exit points since their betting charts are updated much faster. However, I still use the original Betfair chart to find out the long term trend and react in time.

The trading video was recorded for the Betfair Greek Blog where I’m an official author and for that reason I am speaking in Greek. The video shows my trading orders in 2 UK horse racing markets and lasts about 25 minutes. Enjoy watching and if you find it useful or have a suggestion to make, feel free to leave me a comment underneath.

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