Making a place for SEO in a social media dominated world

In today’s competitive world, if you want to survive and run your business successfully; it has become a necessity to mark your presence in online world. In past few years, online marketing has proven to be effective and has brought a great deal of success.

With the growing popularity of online marketing, people have started focusing on SMO activities more and more. While social media sites are cracking the rooftops across the online industry, it leads to a question mark on the relevance and importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in the current and future scenario. No doubt, both SEO and SMO are two highly distinct processes however both are aimed at the same target.

SEO versus SMO


Social media optimization (Photo: DigitalMagnify.com)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps in generating large volume of traffic. In short, it is a process to improve your website and webpages whereas SMO (Social Media Optimization) helps in generating Publicity. In short, it is a process of increasing the awareness of a product, brand through publicity by using social media and social networks.

While SEO helps to target the right people through search engine on the other hand, SMO brings a lot of traffic but doesn’t target the right people. While SEO is a field where we need to invest money; SMO can be done by anyone who is well known and registered on various social media or networking sites and that too for free.

No doubt, SMO serve as a great tool for brand promotions, creating awareness, seeking suggestions and to get noticed in the social media but SEO has been consistently proving its significance over the past several years. So, it could be risky for you to ignore the importance of SEO.

Although in past few years, SMO has emerged as the dominating sword of online marketing as it is targeted on users whereas SEO is done in order to seek attention from search engine spiders. Usually, for SMO we need impressive content as per user’s perspective, whereas in SEO, we need informative, genuine and keywords-rich content in order to grab the attention of various search engines.

If SMO offers a huge scope for brand promotion then SEO integrates two important aspects of online business namely – ethics and quality. SMO can help you to create a personal feel. It gives you an opportunity to personally talk to your valuable clients and solve their queries, which is very essential for the success of a business but at the same time strong visibility in search engines is also essential which can be achieved by SEO only.

Although both SEO and SMO are interrelated and are frequently used together as a part of comprehensive online marketing campaign but still they are quite different from each other. While SEO encourages link building through article submissions, Q&A, press releases, and various similar mediums with an objective of driving traffic from search engines; SMO focus on driving traffic through online social media sources, such as blogs, networking sites, podcasts, discussion forums etc.


Both SEO and SMO are an integral part of online marketing. Both plays a vital role and help to increase the visibility of web site, improve ranking, and increase traffic.

So we can conclude that both SEO as well as SMO need to go in hand to hand as it provides both relevance and recognition to a website.

Since, both are unavoidable part of online marketing so it is necessary to implement a smart blend of both SMO and SEO activities. Using the two together is a unique formula for a faster growth and long lasting success.

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