Tips on how to get maximum value when betting

Getting a head start or knowing how to have the best chance of winning when betting online is essential information if you are to maximise the value of your bet. Online betting, whether you play on your smartphone or via a website such as Youwin, has become more accessible and interactive in recent years. Take advantage of the rise in betting options, made available through the development of betting, with the following tips.

Understand bookmakers’ odds

As a common rule, bookmaker odds are a reflection of what they expect the public to play rather than the actual probabilities of either outcome. In general, bookmakers will set their odds that attract betting on both sides of the odds in order to balance their liability and take a commission. This therefore provides you with the opportunity of finding a betting gem by betting on great value opportunities where public opinion is wrong In events where the number of casual gamblers may increase, this can provide a good betting opportunity. Most casual gamblers may not be as familiar or knowledgeable, and so the odds are more in your favour. Sporting events such as, Cup Finals or horse racing events offer opportunities to get the maximum value from your bet.

Value for your bet

An essential part to getting the maximum value when betting is, understanding the concept of value when placing a bet. It would be naïve to have the opinion that there is no way that team ‘X’ is going to lose this game. Although in any game there might be a legitimate favourite, you need to consider whether the probability of them winning is better than the odds being offered. It is this naivety that creates value for you as a gambler who recognises value in the market to take advantage of it. Basing your bets on instinct alone is not the best way to maximise your potential of winning in the long or even possibly the short run. Having descent knowledge of at least division and multiplication will help you figure out this “numbers game.” Since the odds are very much related to probability, your math skills can help you find some hidden gems with the biggest pay-outs.

The good, the bad and the ugly

If you have been fortunate enough to be on a long winning streak, do not let the good take over. That might give you a false sense of courage and leading you to over extend yourself and your bets. On the other hand if you have started on unfortunate losing streaks put it out of your mind and stay with your analysis. You should just stick with your plan and have faith that the wheel of fortunate will spin in your favour. The ugly bets that people shy away from can actually provide you with your own personal betting niche as you search out the bets that no-one wants to play. The less the general public likes a team, the more you should look on the team in terms of value and a missed opportunity by others. This can also be applied to a team that may have performed well over a long period of time but have had a run of 4 or 5 poor games, and you will see as the public begin to jump off them, leaving you to capitalise on their rising betting value.

It is important to remember to enjoy the experience when placing bets and to research the sport or teams thoroughly, completely engrossing yourself into the sport. Whether you choose to bet on large competitions such as, the 2014 World Cup or more niche markets, become a master of your own betting strategy. A large part of the betting experience is the rollercoaster ride as your heart beats faster when you are one goal away from your betting strategy paying off and the clock is ticking down. Keep a tab on both your wins and losses and enjoy the betting experience while getting the maximum value from your bets.

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