Give Online Gaming a go on the move

If you’re really into online gaming or do think that gaming online could be something you’d enjoy, you may benefit from giving it a go whilst you’re on the move. If you have a smart phone, tablet device or laptop all with an enabled internet connection (or access to wifi) you have the world of online gaming literally at your fingertips.

Gaming on the go can be an ever better way to enjoy your favourite – or new – game experiences. So whether you’re planning a trip away with a long journey, or you have a particularly painful commute to work each day and feel you could do with something to keep you occupied, we’ve put a list together of reasons why you should definitely give online gaming a go on the move. Read More »


History of Online Casinos: From the Birth of an Industry to Social Gambling

Do you know the history of online casinos? RightCasino.com published an infographic, detailing the move from the first money wager on casino games, to the first internet poker room, through the online betting revolution and the gambling regulation, and finally to the mobile gambling boom and social gambling. Currently 85 countries have legalised online gambling, contributing to a $35 billion industry! Read More »


Is your personal life safe when writing tips for gambling?

As I feel a bit tired discussing about gambling, investing and making money all the time for the past 10 years, I thought of starting to write about other stuff I like, under my real name this time. After all, I do have hobbies other than finding the lows of a stock price, predicting which betting odds are going to drift or deciding if folding Jacks preflop in online poker is the right move! What I found out frightened me.

I was all alone out there! Read More »


How do you work from home with a newborn baby?

You don’t. Since my daughter was born 2 weeks ago, I managed to write one post. Just one and it wasn’t a difficult one either. When you make a living as a blogger, that is worrying. Even staying active at social media was a challenge these days. If you are struggling concentrating to your work when your newborn baby comes home, you are not alone. I’ve been there, and still doing that.

Obviously I expected a slowdown in my work schedule. I even accepted the fact that for some days I wouldn’t work at all! Should you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you understand how mind-blowingly unacceptable that would be. Read More »


Over-taxation of Online Gambling is as bad as Overtraining at the Gym

Is Betfair going to return to Greece any time soon? That is the most common question I receive in my inbox. Obviously, my crystal ball cannot answer that.

Are they really looking forward to returning to any country that drove them off due to regulations? I doubt it, although they did acquire a gaming license to Bulgaria. So maybe there is hope after all, but only if countries ease off the taxation.

That is understandable. Read More »


Trying out a Forecasting Tool that Predicts Betfair Trends

Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict Betfair trends without spending hours on research? You just back the odds that are destined to shorten or lay the odds that are predicted to drift. Lean back to your chair and enjoy your coffee, while the market confirms your prediction. Then, you close your trade and move on to the next market of the betting exchange. Easy, huh?

That is exactly what a forecasting tool promises to do. Its developers contacted me last night, offering me the chance to try out their tool for a whole week. Would you pass this offer, which I estimate at £500-2,500 (steep price to pay, I know)?

I certainly did not and as I wait for directions, I spent some time on their website. I am afraid I will not disclose where you can check out the forecasting tool, before I make sure it is worth of your time. I do not want to be the reason you paid for a questionable product. That is why I never disclosed the tipping service I tested against market’s efficiency by the way. Because it sucked, like many others out there. Read More »


Casino Bonuses Are Boon to new Casino Players

Online casinos are the preferred medium to play casino games these days rather than the traditional land based casinos. People prefer to play in the online casinos today as these offer the players with casino bonuses, deals and jackpots which the land based casinos almost never do. Therefore, the casino lovers prefer these bonuses and play casino games online.

Casino bonuses are indeed a boon to the new casino players as players get free money as soon as they join the casino. On internet, you can get information about the casino bonuses offered in several top-notch online casinos of the world and you can choose any one of these to play your favorite casino games and try out your luck in these games. The fresh players are offered with free credits to have an experience about online casino gaming. These free credits are given under the name of welcome bonus on introductory bonus. The welcome bonus of different online casinos varies, so you’d better check before registering with any online casino. Read More »