Myths and Tips about Casino Games

If you win a lot of money on your first visit at a casino, they will offer you a free room for the night. That is a fact. You should accept the welcoming gesture but here’s a tip: don’t wager any more money. You were lucky to make so much money at the first place, since they say casino newcomers are always lucky. That is a myth. At least half of newcomers will lose money. And even for lucky ones such as yourself, you are going to give it all back, the more you keep playing. Read More »


Are you Persistent Enough to Beat Casinos?

I used to spend 16 hours on a daily basis playing blackjack in land-based casinos when I started gambling. Of course, I wasn’t gambling per se, otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing about how I beat the casinos. As I was developing my card-counting skills, casinos noticed me and it wasn’t long before they forbid me from entering. Until they did though, I enjoyed spending endless hours on their blackjack tables.

Why? Because I was winning. And winning money is a highly intoxicating feeling. Read More »


Value in the English Premier League

The English soccer Premier League is one of the biggest gambling markets in the world today. There is virtually no limit to the amount you can gamble on the outcome of just about everything connected with the English Premier League and it seems to grow every year.

So for example, in the close season, the English Premier League outshone Europe’s other big soccer leagues in terms of money spent on new players. Now interestingly, the biggest cash spent by any of Europe’s top dogs was that spent by the new guy at the helm of England’s biggest club, Manchester United – Dutchman Louis van Gaal. Read More »


The Diversity of the Online Bingo Market

Online bingo is the big daddy of the gaming world. The games started from a very simple and traditional form played on bingo tickets, however with gradual developments they made it to a big name. An important aspect about these games that allowed them to sustain for ages is their diversified approach. Dating back to centuries ago, till its current form the games have transformed invariably.

Perhaps, that is one reason that did not allow the industry to stagnate. The on going changes and adaptation to the current global scenario has tagged the industry as one of the leading names in the market. Read More »


Bingo And The Celebrity Connection

Bingo is a game that always had a place within the fabric of British entertainment. At almost 500 years old, it’s fair to say that bingo has stood the test of time and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere any time soon. While we enjoy the odd night out to the bingo hall, the development of online bingo has seen one of the nation’s favourite pastimes get yet another lease of life. Read More »