Don’t Fall in Love with an Investment

Whether you see yourself as a gambler or investor, or a little of both, it’s essential not to fall in love with your choices.

So, what do we mean by this? Well, it’s a strange form of confirmation bias that affects people who trade, gamble or invest for a living. This is when you’ve selected a trade you think is the best you’ve found yet – then you continually seek out information which backs up your own analysis. It’s said that love is blind and you become “blind” to all counter views. Read More »


Trending and Trading – The Rising Market of Online Casinos

The bottom line of investing and trading in shares is that it’s always something of a gamble.  However, whilst many individuals (and indeed nations) do not encourage gambling, trading in stocks, shares and binary trading is seen as acceptable practice worldwide.  As such, it’s easy to consider this kind of investment as little more than an alternative, more respectable face of ‘gambling’ as we know it, despite the fact that it might take place even in those places such as certain US states or Arabic nations where gambling itself is forbidden by law.

But how similar is it and why is it that the gambling side of the market seems to have a growing online edge and popularity currently? Read More »