Roulette and Blackjack Strategy in Casino

Online casino games include all the popular casino games, such as casino slots, blackjack and online roulette. The best online casino features beautiful graphics, easy deposit and withdrawal methods, excellent customer support and a huge variety of online casino games. An online casino is considered trustworthy when they don’t delay withdrawals and there are minimal negative reviews online. You should choose a well-known branded online casino to gamble your money.

Personally I have never gambled a single dollar in an online casino game, although I do have fun with friends when visiting the local brick and mortar casino of my city.



My gambling career began by playing blackjack in casinos. Studying about blackjack strategy and visiting the casino every day increased my starting bankroll of €1500 tenfold before casino management decided to refuse my entrance in 2003. I learnt how to become a card counter at the blackjack tables and what shuffle tracking is, so that I could increase my edge against the house. Although blackjack had been a profitable investment in which I could have made a lot of money, the installation of automatic shuffling machines led a lot of card counters to unemployment!

Casino slots


While I really enjoy playing blackjack, I don’t feel the same about other casino games. The house edge at casino slots can climb up to 40%, not allowing any serious investing there. However most gamblers enjoy playing at casino slots, since they are allowed to risk cents. They don’t understand though how much money they are losing playing endless hours, since they have no edge against the casino.



Once upon a time I met a gambler who claimed he made money by playing roulette at the casinos. We often had lunch together at the casino’s restaurant, discussing my blackjack performance and his roulette winnings! He used to gamble a lot of money and there were days he left the casino with tens of thousands of euros! I never once believed that roulette is a beatable. Lately though I tend to have second thoughts.

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