Improve your Videos with RED Giant software on Sale

RED Giant is running a year end sale till Christmas. Yet, only for 24 hours, we can buy any RED Giant product with 40% discount! I will be using RED Giant software, such as Colorista II for my future videos that I publish at YouTube and Vimeo.

I first bumped into RED Giant when I purchased a RODE mic, in order to improve the sound of my videos. In particular, my voice recording. Until then, I used to record my videos with my smartphone (a Samsung Note 2) with the built-in microphone. That resulted to mediocre video quality and crappy sound quality, despite recording in 1080p. Read More »


Is Google Glass coming to Greece?

Greece may be one of the first European countries to welcome Google Glass. Or maybe not, since Glass’ European release is allegedly years away. Yet, rumor has it that Google may have found a partner in Greece for their Glass product.

A partner that is rumored to be supported by American and other very well known investors. Read More »


Windows 8 desktop PC with four monitors. Does it work?

Since upgrading my Windows 7 desktop PC, I decided to go with Windows 8.

The negative reviews and comments suggested I should steer away from the latest version of the Microsoft’s operating system, especially when deciding to install Windows 8 on a desktop computer with no touch-screen monitors. On the other hand, I didn’t want to setup (and buy) Windows 7 on the brand new motherboard, which is expected to last 3 to 5 years. So, I opted for a fresh install of Windows 8 on my quad monitor desktop PC. Read More »


Logitech mouse not working; how much for a Logitech G600 mouse?

My Logitech mouse is not working perfectly lately and I have decided to replace it with a new Logitech G600 mouse. The old mouse is a Logitech G500 with symptoms of the so-called “double click problem”. In brief, the mouse responds with a double-click each time you single-click. Well, maybe not every time, but I estimate half of the clicks are regarded as double-clicks. That can be disastrous and may cost dearly when playing poker or even worse when investing in my case. It’s also quite annoying when surfing the internet, highlighting text, capturing screen shots, playing games (like building in the wrong places at SimCity) and clicking all sorts of buttons. For all these reasons I opted for a Logitech G600 replacement mouse, which won’t break the bank. Read More »


Build a gambling city with Sim City 2013: Learn from the best!

One of my favorite video games has always been SimCity. The latest installment, SimCity 5 or Sim City 2013, allows players to build a gambling city, and by that I mean a city that focuses on gambling. The city’s main revenue is expected to be coming from casinos that players build. The feature is called “specialization” and it includes 5 more areas of expertise, like mining, drilling, trading, electronics and culture. As I am quite familiar with gambling in the real world, it would be fun to try my skills and actually manage an entire gambling city in the digital world! Read More »


Blogging and Investing with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2

I pulled the trigger and bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Christmas time. After 3 months of using the Samsung phone I am more than convinced that I made the right choice. Although the Note 2 is considered a mobile phone, I mostly use it for managing my blogs and taking care of my investments while away from office. Blogging from a friend’s house or investing in the stock market and betting on sports when travelling is now just a couple of… swipes away! Read More »


Investing in Photography to Make Money Online

Photography is a hobby that can make you money. At least that is what I keep reading in websites about photography! Although I have never dealt with photography, the recent poker videos I recorded and published in this blog changed my view towards photography. I have been gambling for a living, which led me to blogging for extra income and now I am looking into investing in a camera and lenses. Apart from improving the quality of my videos, having a keen interest in investing in photography generally may bring up new opportunities for income diversification. Read More »


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Price Comparison at Amazon: France is cheaper than UK or Germany

Ordering the Samsung new mobile phone, Galaxy Note 2, from French Amazon marketplace is a lot cheaper that ordering the phablet either from German or English Amazon website! The quick price comparison I completed among the various Amazon websites revealed that delivering the new Samsung Note to Greece is 30 euros cheaper when purchasing from France compared to Germany, and a hundred euros cheaper than UK! Read More »


Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Replacing my Sony Ericsson mobile phone

Although replacing my mobile phone wasn’t in my immediate plans, the new phablet by Samsung, Galaxy Note 2, is quite tempting. The term “phablet” comes from combining the words “tablet” with “phone” and by reading the various Note 2 online reviews, it seems that the latest technology by Samsung will dominate the mobile market for quite some time. So, why do I consider the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to be one of the best mobile phones for an active blogger and investor like me? Read More »


Make Money in Poker? Invest in Multi Monitor Computer Setup

It amazes when successful poker players post their computer setups, which are full of monitors of different display sizes along with a couple of laptops! If you are making money playing poker, invest some of the winnings to buy a proper multi monitor setup for God’s sake! Bragging about recent online poker tournament wins and how you made thousands of dollars this year, but at the same time showing a desk full of monitors ranging from 11-inch to 27-inch displays is truly priceless. Next time you win a couple of thousands, spend some of that to buy at least a proper dual monitor setup or more if you need it. But please stop playing online poker and spending thousands on tournaments’ buy-ins at cheap and old displays just because they were lying around your house and can’t find the time to learn how to setup a multi monitor setup!

Read More »

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