Make Money in the Online Sports Betting World!

Online sports betting is for most gamblers the part of the betting world they first risked money at. All gamblers have placed at least one bet in their lives in some kind of sport, most preferably football. Football betting is the most popular sport for online betting, as thousands of gamblers follow betting advice blindly and risk a lot of money on experts’ betting tips. They use any kind of betting calculator which will turn them hopefully into winners, solving their gambling addiction. Truth is more than 90% of sports bettors lose money in the long run. But that doesn’t come as a surprise, since in online gambling less than 10% are actually long term winners.

Sports Betting Tips

I rarely publish sports betting tips. I‘d rather discuss a new betting system I have thought of instead and let creative discussion develop the system into something valuable. I usually post useful details of the betting strategy, including statistics like variance, standard deviation and sample data. Afterwards I may opt to publish the betting tips the system itself prompts for online betting. I have mostly tried to develop betting systems regarding football betting. That doesn’t mean I’m not looking for investing opportunities in other sports.

Sports betting is not the kind of gambling I’m really fond of. I need a lot of historical data to work with in order to develop a betting system, I need to forward test it for at least 200 or 400 games before I commit real money and finally I need to bet big, so that it’s worth the time and effort. Therefore I kind of neglect sports betting and look for investing ideas elsewhere, such as spread betting which is becoming quite popular lately.

Sports Betting System

sports betting strategyIn 2007 a very simple sports betting system was very profitable till the last month of most European football leagues. During that May more than half of the profits were lost and confidence had hit zero. How can you bet according to a system you no longer trust? Betting systems usually don’t work indefinitely. The edge a bettor has found could be lost in the future and there’s no guarantee he will continue making money. The betting market might adjust itself and absorb the imbalance your betting system is based upon. Always be prepared for the unexpected and follow proper money management, in order to control the losses. Fortunately I quit the betting system before all winnings got evaporated. I gave the sports betting system one more try in 2011. However the ending result in the profit and loss statement was quite discouraging and since keeping up with the daily posting of the tips and results in the blog got most of my valuable time, I dropped the towel and gave away the very simple rules of the betting system.