Computers Technology, Hardware and Software Reviews

I love computers and technology! Assembling computers’ hardware, installing software and performing setups have always been favorite hobbies! I have spent hundreds of hours gaming on PC and still do when I get free time! Building powerful computers for work at home or for entertainment purposes has led to use those machines as gaming computers too! Although I feel guilty every time I fire up a game instead of spending more time investing and blogging, I enjoy gaming very much and gaming helps getting away from stressful work such as online gambling!


My blog occasionally hosts reviews of new products that came in my possession and use either for work or for entertainment. Investing online and using computers for many hours per day makes it necessary to learn a lot of technological stuff, in order to always be one step ahead of the competition. Living off internet most investors and gamblers often meet difficulties and face problems when installing new software in their computers and flood forums with questions! From time to time I find an interesting question that needs an answer from someone sharing the same interest and share my experience or knowledge. I mostly though get inspired by problems I myself run into and search extensively online to find a solution. Tech savvy investors are hard to come by, since most of their work involve building new trading strategies and finding new ways to make money! However programming becomes soon a necessity and may be the reason of failure.


Since we do not live 24 hours indoors, mobile technology is essential to every gambler or investor. Mobile phones and notebook computers are often found at coffee shops and airports in front of people checking out their emails or their investments. Since I manage and run a lot of websites alone, I need to be online wherever I go, so mobile technology is something I have invested in. Publishing new blog posts, replying to important emails while checking out stock quotes and financial news all belong in my daily routine.

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