Video Training for Trading or Poker

Can I show you how to play online poker or how to trade while being thousands of miles away? Yes, I can and it’s called video training.

Some call it video coaching. I will stick with video training for this post. Besides, I consider coaching to be more of a 1-on-1 training and I don’t do that.

Training is like doing seminars, where the audience is listening. In the case of video training, they are actually watching. You can take part of this training by simply watching the videos I am uploading at video-sharing websites, like the popular Youtube.


Is video training better than reading?

I am sure it is faster. Sometimes more efficient. And then there are videos that will change your life.


Like the video I watched in 2004 and pushed me right into the magical world of trading. I am afraid that video is long gone. After all, it would be outdated, despite proving in just 10 minutes that you could make money in online trading.

Since then I myself have published numerous videos online. Videos of trading and poker sessions mainly, explaining my way of thinking for every action.

The most popular of them all has been the demonstration of trading at the sports betting exchange, Betfair.

Video training in online poker

Personally I find trading much more interesting than poker. Yet, it seems I have produced much better videos when it comes to online poker. I even wrote down my words, before recording myself!

Like the 6-episode series of poker strategy I uploaded at Vimeo.

Some of the videos in my channels are in fact assignments. That means I wasn’t planning on doing them. Maybe that is why they were so much better produced than my first ever poker video series. Although I do understand why the following playlist is one of my most-viewed playlist in my Youtube channel. It has the magic word high stakes. And poker fans always enjoy watching high stakes games, don’t they?

From time to time video training includes videos where I speak in Greek. My gambling blog is read by Greeks as well, and by being a native Greek (read more about me) I find it easier to record a video in Greek. Adding English subtitles to those videos is long overdue. If you can be of assistance in that matter, drop me a line.

Here is a video in Greek, in case you were wondering if there is any value in watching me speak in an unknown and totally strange language. You can argue that:

It’s all Greek to me!

You’d be spot on!

Boy, I do sound a lot less stressful talking in Greek.

What is my goal for publishing training videos?

If only I recorded and published a video that could change one’s life. That is my ultimate goal.

Maybe one day I will manage just that.

In the meantime I will be uploading new videos at Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion, hoping they could teach you the traps you have to avoid and how to improve your investing and gambling skills. And if those videos helped you, don’t keep it to yourself. I’d be thrilled to hear all about it!