send my chips logoWhen playing internet poker it may be a difficult task getting chips/funds on one poker site when you are playing on a different poker site unless you are willing to deposit. Well this difficult task is made easier with only a small fee and it’s available through Send My Chips is a unique website unlike most and its offers a poker chip transfer servicethat is hard to find via internet. Let me discuss how it works and the other perks that this site has to offer. allows their users to create a personal account so that it is easier to make the transfers on a day to day basis and also allows the ability for users to check their transaction history. SendMyChips offers its users to transfer funds from one poker site to another with a charge of a small fee (5%). The poker sites that are available for such a transfer consist of,,,, (Pacific Poker),,,,,,, and also So for example a user can transfer funds from to by simply using and by paying a small fee. For players that do not have the luxury of being able to get money quick through other players or by deposit than this website can be very convenient for many players out there.

Another great feature offered by is the Affiliate Program. Once registered and making transfers yourself the website offers you the chance to become an affiliate so that you can make money by referring other individuals. So after you are done making your own account and begin to transfer your funds around, make sure that you tell your friends about this website. Tell your friends or whoever it may be you are signing up to sign up using your Affiliate Username and Tracking Keyword. By doing this you could receive up to 20% of the transaction charge for the ‘lifetime of the account’.

This website also offers poker news from both live and online play. With the link ‘Poker Pros’ available at the top of the website users can do research and look at player bios of the live and online players who are endorsed by Some of these players include Dave Colclough (Full Tilt Poker Pro), Paul Jackson, and Marc Goodwin. There are more players to check out so log on and see the bios of poker pros of live and online play. is a multipurpose site that offers it users a wide range of opportunity. Check out the bios of poker pros both online and live, become a member of the affiliate program so you can start making money off other players transactions and but more importantly register to so that you have the ability of transferring funds amongst the poker sites listed above; the best part is it’s easy as can be. So log on to day and start making transaction then join the affiliate program so you can take your earnings to the next level.

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