8 poker videos were published and included under the High Stakes cash games video series initially in my blog before redesigning. I have now merged all parts under one article for better viewing. The text mentioned before each poker video is pasted from the original posts. Enjoy watching!

This is part 1 of the new online poker video series I’m going to publish in my poker blog. The series will include more than 6 videos, as I recorded more than one hour of poker play at Pokerstars. I play at $1,000, $2,000 and $5,000 No Limit 6-max cash game tables, also known as high stakes tables. Each video’s duration is less than 10 minutes, the language is Greek and there are English subtitles. I suggest you watch them in full screen for best viewing experience.

Episode 2 of the Pokerstars High Stakes Video Series is published today at my Youtube channel. I am commenting on the video while recording myself with a web camera, for a nice Picture-in-Picture effect. There is a lot more action in this part of the poker videos, with 3-bet bluffing, value betting a straight and controlling the pot in position. Once again the language is Greek and there are English subtitles for all my friends around the globe. If you like the video series of these cash games, don’t forget to rate the videos and maybe leave a comment, either here on in Youtube. Thanks for watching!

The 3rd part of my new poker video series with High Stakes cash games from Pokerstars has just been added to the Youtube playlist. This time I have changed my outfit and added music throughout the video, although I did have some copyright issues with Youtube. The new episode includes 4betting with Aces and deep stacks, double barreling with air and rivering a straight, loose stealing from the button and quite action towards the end of the video. If you can guess what the villain held at the last hand, put it in a comment and the actual hand will be revealed at the next episode of the High stakes video series.

The 4th episode of my Pokerstars High Stakes Video series is live. Today’s video shows a lot of 3betting and 4betting situations and a couple of big bluffs. Although the poker bluffs I try are successful, that is not always the case obviously. In order to bluff efficiently, you need to study the game and pick your spots, and bluffing will help increase your winrate. A poker player is not complete without the bluffing skill. Other than that, the last hand of the previous episode shows that the villain raised my bet with air and this time the poker video ends with a much more interesting scenario. Stay tuned for the next episode!

2 new episodes have been added in the Pokerstars High Stakes Cash Games video series in my blog. Once again the video languange is Greek but there are English subtitles. There is not that much action as in the previous episodes, but I hope the new parts offer some value to the new or average poker players with continuation betting, bluffing and reading the opponents. There will be 2 more episodes until the poker video series are concluded.

The last 2 episodes of the Pokerstars High Stakes Series were never published in my original blog so there’s no text accompanying them.

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