All top 10 Lotto and Bingo winners share 9-digit prizes and live in USA but there’s nothing else in common among them. Susan contacted me and let me know of an infographic they made over at regarding the big prize winners. According to that, some winners come from Vietnam and Congo, others have formed a trust for their families and one has gone over the top buying a 6,400-square foot home on six acres with a pool and a 30-feet water slide! On the other hand, the single mother at top 3 who won close to 400 million dollar went quickly into hiding after realizing her divorce was never finalized, giving her husband a potential legal claim on half her prize! Read all about the Lotto and Bingo winners along with some fun facts in the infographic below!

Top 10 Lotto & Bingo Winners of All Time [INFOGRAPHIC] 3 | Jim Makos

Infographic: Top 10 Lotto & Bingo Winners of all time created by 123 Bingo Online

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