The Benefits of Placing Sports Bets Online

The Benefits of Placing Sports Bets Online

computer-poker-chipsEveryone knows that Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world and an all-around legendary place where people go to bet, to party and to hopefully win. Las Vegas is home to more than slot machines, roulette wheels, and poker games, though. There are also plenty of sports books where a person can place a wager on a sports game and many of the big hotels and casinos have them. Just a few years ago, this was the only legal place in the United States where a person could bet on their favorite football, basketball, or baseball team. If a person wanted to bet on sports, the only place they could do it was at the local dog or horse track, and maybe at an off track betting bureau. The Internet has changed all of this and now it is extremely simple to place a sports bet online. Here are some of the many benefits to placing sports bets online.

You Can Place Your Bets From Anywhere in the World

If you have access to a computer or any type of device that has access to the Internet, then you can place a sports bet. You are no longer limited to going to the track, or making an often costly trip to the wonderful state of Nevada. Now you can place bets from the comfort of your living room, your couch, while you are still in bed, while you’re in the office or at work, and frankly, even when you’re on a bathroom break should you be so inclined.

Bet on Any Sport in the World

Online betting opens up a huge new world of betting possibilities. You are no longer stuck betting on horses running in circles – not that there’s anything wrong with horse betting. You can bet on just about any sports game, and some betting sites even allow wagers to be placed during an event. This is usually referred to as live beeting, or in-game betting. In the US, common sports to bet on are football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey, although boxing and MMA are gaining huge traction as well. And for those expats who are still diehard fans of European football, rugby or cricket, modern betting sites make it easy to bet on any almost any sports event in the world.

Enjoy a Wider Range of Betting Types

Just like online betting opens up a larger world of what you can bet on, it also opens up a ton of new betting choices and possibilities. While the straight bet is still as popular and considered to be the most widely known about, it’s now customary to be able to choose point spreads, over / unders and a variety of parlay bets. You can even place proposition bets – commonly referred to as prop bets – on the performance of specific team members or the outcome of a coin toss, or the total number of penalties issued in a match. Modern bettors can rest assured that the sky is the limit when it comes to available betting options in this day and age.

Smooth and Easy Transactions

We all enjoy when things go nice and smooth. Too many bumps in the road don’t always make for a good day. Online betting does not require you to carry around large amounts of cash and everything is done through a safe and secure online server. Not only are online betting transactions easy, but they are also much safer than betting at the track or the casino. While credit cards are the most popular deposit methods, there are a variety of other options which are available as well. Once a player’s registered his or her account, the best practice is to get in touch with customer service for advice on the best deposit options currently available.

Place Larger Bets

Every casino or track will allow you to place large bets, but most of them will put a maximum limit on the amount that you can bet. They do not always like large bets because it could cost them a lot of money in the event of your win. Online betting sites are much different as they will often allow much larger bets than a regular casino would.

Easier to Access Important Betting Information

Placing blind bets is always fun, but your chances of winning are not surprisingly very slim. The best way to place bets is with a little bit of research and education also known as handicapping. Knowing which team is considered the underdog, or which team is considered the favorite to win, can make a huge difference in how you place your bets. Most online sports betting sites provide you with a wealth of statistical information that makes it much easier to decide exactly how much money you want to bet, and who you want to place a bet on, although it’s important to remember some people make careers out of making sense of all that data.

Conversely, landbased casinos and sportsbooks don’t have this information as readily available, and for good reason. Firstly, they’re in the business of making money, so an educated bettor isn’t what they’re looking for. Second, and just as importantly, landbased casinos and sportsbooks have dramatically higher overheads costs to consider, than an online site would, so they really can’t afford to offer anything to players that might erode the house advantage.

Jim Stafford is a contributing author who works in a large casino in Las Vegas. He has a good understanding of the odds associated with placing any bets. When he is not working at the casino, he enjoys exploring the Nevada desert.