The Mind of a Sports Betting Expert

The Mind of a Sports Betting Expert

sports-betting-mind-moneyUsually, when people think of sports betting, they immediately think of luck. However, even though people involved in such affairs like to know that they are on a winning streak, getting paid over and over again is almost impossible without using 100% of your mind power. In fact, betting is more like warfare than fortune, with the bookie being your main nemesis. The point of the game is earning money and both of you will do your best to stop the other one from winning. Needless to say, bookies are the ones leading, driving fancy cars and living in penthouse apartments. For them, the business is fine. For you, the business is great when their business is not.

As for the usage of psychology in sports betting, you need to utilise it from the very beginning. Basically, if you know nothing about sports, you rely on the oddsmakers’ predictions. These predictions, however, are not based on the actual likelihood of a specific team winning or losing. Rather, they are founded on what the public eye perceives as possible. So, these numbers can immediately be against you, should the oddsmakers decide to take the bookies’ side.

Therefore, every smart sports betting aficionado needs to stop and observe the odds from his/her own perspective. Basically, you need to think about what can happen instead of what is said that will or might happen. Normally, strong teams should win matches against weak ones. Yet, this does not happen all the time and, even when it does, it does not always bring good money.

Subsequently, you are not going to win every single time you bet. Thus, focus on the big plan rather than on instant success, because the latter is not likely to come. Winning more often than losing is the key, since losing every once in a while is inevitable. This game was not made for you to get rich, it is up to you to take the odds and turn them in your favor. Thus, accept winning as something that will keep you in the game, do not connect it to your luck, name, mojo or whatever and do not get overexcited. The same goes for losing – take it productively, developing tactics for the future.

Pride and overachieving spirit have doomed many successful betting experts. If your method gives you money, do not get greedy. Rather, stick to it and collect bit by bit. Changing your system may take all your previous gains away. At the same time, if your luck seems to be down the drain, do not double your bets just to get back on track as soon as possible – because this won’t happen. Your losing streak is the time when you have to stay focused the most and revert to the technique that made you win before. Do not cross the line and, if you have spent all your betting money, wait for the next check in order to get back in the game, do not use the money you already saved for something else – you are likely to lose it.

To wrap it all up, have a betting fund and do not go over it. While you are at it, skip odds that are too good to be true and divide your betting money between several games rather than placing it on a single one. Getting less than you expected is better than getting nothing.

Finally, keep your heart away from your head whenever you enter the bookie’s. Just because you worship a team or a player, it does not mean that it/he will win the game. Take the odds and your own personal experience into consideration and leave the passion for the stadium. Use tools and websites like this one that can give you an competitive edge. Betting is a smart man’s game and not a lucky fool’s one. Remember this and use it to motivate yourself both when the odds are on your side and when they are against you.