Makes Playing the Euromillions Lottery Painless Makes Playing the Euromillions Lottery Painless

euromillions-lotteryYou have probably heard of the Euromillions lottery. It’s the largest lottery in Europe, with 9 nations participating, and some of the largest jackpots of any lottery, limited to €190 million. That’s a huge chunk of cash and is a very tempting prize for lottery players in Europe. Until recently, the lottery was only open to citizens of the nine participating European nations. With such large prize amounts people all over the world wanted a chance to win this jackpot. Thanks to, they can. offers people anywhere in the world the opportunity to buy a Euromillions ticket without the hassle of travelling to a participating European nation or even leaving their house. Anybody can buy a ticket over the Internet and then wait for the twice weekly drawing to see if they’ve won a prize. will send out an email alert to ticket purchasers, showing the winning numbers. No more searching the news to see if you won. You will know instantly.

Aside from the ease of purchase, offers a few other advantages:

  1. Security. A physical Euromillions ticket may be redeemed by any person holding a winning ticket. If you lost your ticket and someone picked it up, they will be able to collect any prize money. A ticket is automatically linked to the buyer through the secure online transaction. The ticket will be yours alone and there will be no physical ticket to worry about in the first place.
  1. If you do win, you won’t have to travel to Europe to collect it. Chances are that if you win the lottery, a trip to Europe may just be a great way to celebrate. If it isn’t, don’t worry. The money will be transferred to an account of your choice.

Since the launch of, the prize money has increased greatly. The jackpots comes from ticket sales and with a larger market able to join in the fun, ticket sales have increased. That means, more potential winnings while the odds of winning decrease.

So what are the odds? The odds of winning the jackpot are about 1 in 117 million but there are 12 other prize categories with much better odds. The lowest payout has odds of 1 in 23. With such great odds many people are eager to join in and offers an easy and convenient method of playing a lottery that offers great prizes.