Safely Gamble Online In Canada

canada-flagCanadians are often considered less risky by the outside world, but the country is known for taking gambles on significant investments.  The betting industry in Canada is very lucrative with slots, horseracing, and casinos established all across the country.  However, online casinos have become the fastest growing trend in Canadian gambling over the last few years, and that trend should continue as mobile gambling becomes more popular itself.

Unlike in the US which has a strict federal ban against online gambling, Canada takes a more relaxed approach to digital bets.  Several provinces have established their own regulated online casinos, while provincial gambling agencies such as the OLG or the Atlantic Lottery Corporation provide online lottery and keno links to players.  Online gambling remains very popular in Canada and an amendment to the country’s sportsbetting law – if passed – would make online sportsbetting more convenient and rewarding.

However, many Canadians remain confused about which online casinos they can trust.  Several virtual casinos have been exposed as scams that rob players of their money, and violate the country’s gambling laws.  Unfortunately many of these fraudulent casinos look so similar to legitimate gaming centres that it’s very difficult for an average player to recognize which are genuine and which aren’t.

Using a Canadian online casino guide like that identifies the best regulated betting sites available, players can ensure they only play inside the most trusted gaming sites.  This ensures that a safe gambling experience is available for all players interested in an online casino, and reduces the reach of fraudulent sites.

Identifying trusted casinos is becoming even more important as the gambling industry adapts to mobile gambling services as well.  Online casinos have designed apps for their sites that players can download to their phones in order to play a game on the go.  The mobile market is still relatively new, so it’s important to recognize which apps are valid and others that are scams.

Canada loves to take its gambles, but does so cautiously – players should do the same by checking if a casino is properly regulated before providing access to financial information.