Betting Tips and Strategies


If you’re a football fan, just like me, you will have heard this sound many times before. It’s the sound of passion. It’s the sound of failure. It’s the sound of beer. Most of all, it’s the sound of money going down the toilet.

When embarking on one, two or a whole season’s worth of bets you must always go in with a strategy; it’s the way that experienced gamblers work to make a living from it. Every pro knows that only fools rush in, but it’s hard when you’re lean, keen with a handful of green not to play on instinct. If the last sentence sounds a tad close to home, just see if you can wait ten minutes as we lay out some basic ground rules and strategies to get you started.

First of all, take stock of your finances; professional bettors are successful because they only stake what they can afford. You can bankroll game-by-game, weekly or for the whole season, as long as you stick to it and don’t get cocky. While on a hot-streak you might be tempted to up the ante for the next game in order to get a fat return but think about the bigger picture; you could hit a dry patch any time so hold out for a cool payoff come Super Bowl Hang over Monday.

Knowing your onions about the sport on which you are betting is a given, as you wouldn’t get far if you can’t tell a power forward from a point guard. Betting, however, is so much more than mere sport and brings into play a whole new class of facts, figures and fun. Get a good quality notepad immediately and start writing down every bet, every line and every result for reference in future years. For now, however, there is plenty of information available online and make sure you research every bet weeks in advance.

Now you’ve managed your money and collected your data it’s time to go shopping! No, we’re not going to buy a new leather jacket – that will have to wait until you’ve made a profit. For now we’re shopping around every reputable online sportsbook seeking out the best lines for each wager. Believe it or not, despite the thousands of betting sites online not many sports gamblers shop around. The best tactic is to sign up with three or four and compare lines game-to-game; any more than that and things get confusing. Also, sticking to websites with your currency and sports of choice is a must. For example, you may need to narrow your selection to sports betting sites in Canada that have good options, betting tips and odds for football.

After those three boxes are ticked and you’ve made your bet it’s time to sit back, watch the game and enjoy a cold beer; it tastes great and your team is leading so it turns into two, and three, and soon you’re calling in for another 2-4. But what’s this? They throw the game just before final whistle and all of a sudden you’re down $200, so you move to the computer devastated and drunk in a bid to win your money back on the next available game while your passions are flared.

Freeze. Step away from the Internet. A professional bettor takes every gamble seriously and never, ever lets emotions get the better of him (no pun intended). Whether you’re just tipsy and feeling good or if you’re sober with a point to prove: stop for a second, maybe take a nap and wait until you have calmed down before spending any money. If you want to have a profitable season you can’t afford to make decisions under the influence; also stay away from cars and heavy machinery.

Sports betting is often seen by the uninitiated as a reckless, unpredictable pastime but as long as you dedicate significant hours to planning, budgeting and research you will have a very good chance of turning a profit by the end of the season. You won’t always win – in fact, nearly half of your bets are likely to make a loss – but as long as you stick to the strategies I’ve outlined here then you won’t be disappointed when the season comes to a close.