Mobile Casino Gaming on Tablets versus Smartphones

Mobile Casino Gaming on Tablets versus Smartphones

If you think about it, the size and form factor of tablet computers, even the new ‘phablets’ (such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2) with moderate 5-inch screens, really fits casino games. This device format performs better than a phone’s smaller screen and diminutive multimedia footprint, overall.

Casino Goes Big Time

The multimedia aspects of online casinos, especially in the case of their live real-time dealers, are expanding and becoming increasingly bound with this game genre as a whole. Gone are the days of playing very flat, basic-looking card games on a desktop computer.

Now we have realistic graphics that show your hand and game table in 3D depth, with windows for a live dealer feed. In the case of sports betting sites, managing one’s bets is augmented by live streams of the very sports events that are the subjects of such wagers. Sports spectatorship has joined with betting entertainment, converging in the Web browser.

Why Tablets Rock As Mobile Casinos


With all that happening on your screen, inside a Web browser, smart phones do not provide a big enough window to interact. A tablet does. Whenever live video is incorporated into the mobile casinos, you will see it in the correct life-like dimensions.

Another reason tablets are superior, especially for card games, is right under our noses: there is an almost exact size correlation between actual playing cards and the cards seen on the larger tablet screen. This detail is not to be underestimated.

You can see both the video feed of your live dealer’s hands, and, a graphical representation of them that updates exactly. Tapping and swiping with fingertips upon a 3-5-inch smartphone’s touch screen seems dinky by comparison. The life-like feel of correct dimensions makes a huge difference to gameplay and overall lucidity while playing.

The Future of Web Gaming

It’s hard not to muse a bit about what we have, looking down at a tablet screen showing a virtual Poker table. It’s a window upon another location that serves the game and wagers, with living humans there. It’s cards online, however, it could be any sort of entertainment, including Web programming and interactive newscasts: we’re witnessing the birth of the real World Wide Web.

Part of this current boom is a very simple thing: the Web’s first global upgrade since 1999 is happening now, and it’s called HTML5. The bottom line about this development for casino lovers is the fact that HTML5, as the Web’s native language, permits games and other entertainment to run in-the-browser from their source.

It has subsumed the performance of advanced technologies like Flash into the Web’s standard code. This means a casino’s card game is a Web page rather than fragmented into countless versions of the games running as native apps on players’ phones or tablets.

Tablet Revolution

In terms of audio, a tablet is more likely to have decent or even outstanding speakers than a phone. With earphones, they perform the same. The place where the tablet will shine most is ergonomics, due to its more compatible size for casino playing

Above and beyond these features we’ve highlighted, tablets have been heralded from their big time breakthrough, with the iPad, as the world’s best mobile gaming platform. Their increasing power and impressive displays make them competitive with home game consoles.

Consider this gaming prowess in light of our new freedom from apps brought by HTML5 and the commencement of a unified browser-based multimedia experience. One begins to wonder at the many years ahead of mind-blowing advancements in Web-based gaming and entertainment, driven by tablet computers in large part.