Tailoring Your Den to Play Poker Online

Tailoring Your Den to Play Poker Online

More people than ever are turning to their mobile devices to play poker online. It makes sense – a phone is convenient and you have it with you all day. It’s kind of like watching football on your phone rather than in front of a 50-inch television screen with surround sound.

Hold up, just a second. What did we say?

If given the choice, we would gladly watch Peyton Manning pick apart defensive lines from the comfort of a recliner, in front of the warm glow of our LCD behemoth. Maybe the comparison isn’t as a black and white for those who play poker online – we doubt a flop is any more awe-inspiring on a big screen than it is on an iPhone.  Fortunately, we’re not as much concerned with the method of delivery as we are the environment surrounding it.

When we think “mobile”, we think convenience. When we think “custom-made poker den and emporium” we think of the comforts of familiarity and a place called home. This is where we come to play poker, geographically speaking, because we know we have everything at the ready to take on “Durrrr” or “Isildur1″ for a 32-hour session.


In honor of refrigerated goods and our ever-loyal home PC, here are five things that we must have before sitting down to the virtual felt.

  1. Our fancy office chair. We have no need for nap time but we do have needs of a more ergonomic variety when playing online. To someone with a more impressive bank account we would recommend something in a Herman Miller. To others…we hear Ikea has quite the selection.
  2. Our mini-fridge. You thought we were messing around with the $800 office chair didn’t you? Well, we take this stuff seriously. We’re recycling the fridge from our college days, except now it’s an alcohol-free zone. Limited strictly to water, iced coffee, Dr. Pepper and Pepto Bismol for when we see Phil Ivey come online. What? It tastes better when refrigerated.
  3. Our small army of spider plants: You don’t think a little Feng Shui will clear the air and help your online game? Fair enough. If you don’t have any problems loafing in a cloud of benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene, that’s your choice and we won’t lecture you. 
  4. Our copy of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die: The 32 hours we mentioned earlier may have been a bit of an exaggeration but we do plan on locking in for a while. That being said, we need something to keep us connected to the outside world without having to stray too far from home base. 
  5. A Picture of Phil Hellmuth: No matter the competition when we play poker online, we will envisage the grinning mug of Phil Hellmuth on the other end. If we win it means we just beat Phil Hellmuth. If we lose it will ensure that we sustain our moderate levels of contempt for the Poker Brat. Either way, the world will stay in perfect harmony.