Macau vs Las Vegas: Which is the world’s best gambling town?

Macau vs Las Vegas: Which is the world’s best gambling town?

What does Las Vegas mean to you?  The slogan, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” has given the city the appearance of a town where anything goes. You can gamble, visit a show, experience some of the best bar experiences in the country, and do anything you can imagine. However, Vegas is actually not the best gambling city in the country! Surprised?

Check out this info and the accompanying infographic to see why the Chinese city of Macau is the best gambling town in the entire world.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas does boast a huge tourism budget. Las Vegas makes over 31 billion dollars each year. However, only about 10 percent of the city’s income comes from gambling. Las Vegas only brings in about 10 billion from gambling each year.

Las Vegas’ top hotel, the MGM Grand, has 171,500 square feet. It offers 2,300 slot machines and 20 gaming tables.


Macau on the other hand, only makes 28 billion dollars from tourism through sources unrelated to gambling. Macau brings in over 38 billion from gambling alone (almost four times as much as Las Vegas). 65 percent of the city’s income comes through gambling.

You might think the MGM Grand is the ultimate gambling hotel until you find out about the Venetian Macau. This hotel has over 550,500 square feet of space, 3,400 slot machines, and over 800 gaming tables.

So where should you go for the ultimate gambling experience? Macau is clearly the winner and will provide the ultimate in gaming and gambling experiences. Click on the infographic to learn even more about the differences between the two gambling capitals of the world.

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