Console games that best capture the world of betting

Console games that best capture the world of betting

As console gaming moves into an era of next generation graphics, the gap between possibility and reality in the world of technology continues to decrease. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 epitomise the considerable advancements in capabilities that allow gamers to enjoy optimum processing speeds, frame rates and visual resolutions which bring them closer to the action. A plethora of gaming genres, such as sports and shooters, have transformed from concept to console titles which push the boundaries of technology to new levels. They are effectively accompanied by additional perks and features, such as motion sensors, movie applications and voice recognition systems that allow gamers to communicate with their console, which shape the future of console gaming.

Although many genres have been effectively replicated by game developers through the use of high quality graphics and physics engines, there has yet to be a gambling-based title that takes the gaming world by storm. Numerous games have made valiant efforts to replicate the excitement, tension and drama of gambling in a casino onto console. Playing casino games, such as poker, slots and roulette, carry considerable prominence online, with the internet and smartphone technology having a major impact on the gambling sector. Their influence and trends have been implemented in console titles that have a direct or non-direct relation to the overall storyline or game itself. The success garnered from these games were varied, although there is considerable scope from the quality of both consoles that Sony and Microsoft may well be the home of future online gambling.

Accurate Representations

While there are, as of yet, no upcoming casino-orientated titles in the pipeline for the Xbox One or PlayStation, a number of games released for preceded platforms managed to effectively replicate the overall experience of gambling. Rockstar’s hugely popular Grand Theft Auto V title does not include any casino games within its gameplay, but does provide elements of gambling that are efficient and resemble real life betting. Gamers can place in-game money on the result of races and death matches, with ever-changing odds based on each player’s overall record. A maximum of $2500 can be placed on each event, with players having the option to bet on themselves or another player to win.

Red Dead Redemption and Fallout: New Vegas are more conclusive examples of games which not only graphically replicated the look, feel and experience of being in a casino, but also the range of games that are associated. The former is set in the American west as you travel from town-to-town to complete story-based missions and saddle up at the saloon bar where there are casino-based games going on. Gamers can play and place bets on poker, blackjack, horseshoes, liar’s dice, arm wrestling and five finger fillet. It perfectly depicts the widespread gambling which was accepted and took place across the American west, and also includes the disputes that arose from claims of cheating and deception which often led to a shoot out. The latter of the two games follows along similar grounds in terms of gambling trends, with the title set in post-apocalyptic Las Vegas following a nuclear war between America and China in 2077. Although many areas were affected by severe radiation levels, Las Vegas was relatively untroubled with three casinos remaining intact. All three casinos allow gamers to play roulette, slots, blackjack and caravan in an effort to increase the amount of caps which can be used to buy guns, ammunition and amenities.

Close but no cigar

It may seem harsh on the face of it, but certain games which are predominately based on poker could be considered ineffective in their efforts to replicate online gambling at the Gaming Club casino. Full House Poker and WSOP: Full House Pro are prime examples of titles which allow gamers to play poker against the computer and other people online. The latter effectively replicate the same sensation as betting on the internet, but also include the sense of being in a real casino through graphical textures and settings that place you at the seat of a poker table.

Although both games are solid attempts at providing console gamers with a cure for their desire to play poker, there is one fundamental flaw which fails to replicate the true essence of gambling in a casino or online. Every game which is predominately based on gambling or includes casino-based games within its gameplay uses fake money; while many may choose to be calculated in their style of gambling as if they were using their own money, it removes the element of risk and repercussions that come as a result of losing any sized bet. Until inroads are made into the possibility of integrating real money into gambling on the Xbox or PlayStation, console games may not fully represent the real world of gambling. With technology accelerating forward at a fast pace, however, there is every chance that console gaming could be the future of online gambling.

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