The Most Popular Online Bingo Tournaments

The Most Popular Online Bingo Tournaments

Online bingo is a popular form of online gambling that is right behind online card games such as poker. Some tournaments are free and are just for fun while others have an entry fee and pay out actual money. In an online setting, players are able to maintain their anonymity and can generally find a tournament any time of the day or night. The growing popularity of online gambling also gives players from around the world the opportunity to participate in the same tournament without having to travel to an outside location.

BGO Bingo

At, there are a variety of tournaments with Stardust, Rainbow Riches and Money Jumper being the most popular. Different tournaments are available daily with each having a jackpot of actual funds that can be won. Free bingo options are available but these jackpots are for credits to continue playing at will. On the BGO online bingo website there are super jackpot tournaments, VIP bingo options and a variety of different types of rooms to play in.

Bingo House

A variety of tournaments are available from simple, just for fun games to progressive jackpots. Winners are awarded points. Multiple tournaments are available daily with feature tournaments being posted on their website as well. Featured tournaments often have limited seating and fill up fast. Some of the more fun tournaments include 90-ball bingo, full house games, blackout games and other pattern games. This helps to break up the monotony of typical bingo and offer online gamblers something different to keep them interested.


Cyber Bingo

Cyber Bingo has a variety of online tournaments available with several available on any given day. Generally speaking, the more expensive it is to buy a card, the higher the jackpot will go. These are highly competitive tournaments and require a very fast eye. There is likely to be at least several hundred other players at one time from all over the world. Some tournaments are limited to a specific number of players.

Tournament Bingo

This tournament website is for heavy hitters and avid players. There are icons next to each tournament that let you know what country is hosting the tournament as well as how much the jackpot is. You are able to pre-enter for upcoming tournaments and view recent jackpot winner lists as well as the available games on the same website.

Bingo Mega

Bingo Mega is popular amongst online bingo tournament players. This online tournament option offers credits that have to be purchased and is intended to be for fun only. No actual money is won here so it is a good place to get started if you wish to play in money tournaments. It helps newer players get a feel for playing with multiple cards with others where the stakes are high. The big bonus bucks seen increasing is a sign that you are doing well, paying attention to more than one card at a time and are ready to enter money tournaments.



Slingo is a type of hybrid bingo system. This uses numbers and a slot machine-like lever to provide random numbers. Most of these games have jokers and other power-ups to use. Some are also timed but each has a specific number of spins. This type of online bingo is merely a game of chance. When jokers come up you can use them in the line that they appear in only. The numbers that are given do not have to be in the row they appear in, they can be used anywhere that they appear. As with traditional online bingo, clear a line of numbers to earn points to score a bingo.

Things to Keep in Mind


Always read the details of every tournament before entering, even if you are not new to the hosting network. Tournaments may have different rules, may be offering tokens, points or credits rather than a monetary payout and some are just for fun with no money spent or earned. When you are entering a tournament, make sure that you look for a safe checkout symbol or some indication that your purchase of cards or paying of an entry fee is safe to follow through with.

The various types of online bingo that are available make it a fun and addictive game choice. Most of the entry fees for online bingo tournaments are minimal since the odds of winning are generally small. It is a fun way to gamble online with the least amount of risk. Keep in mind that some tournaments are just for fun but you can practice for free anytime on most websites. It will also help you to learn how to read the bingo cards on your screen faster to prevent getting behind and allowing someone else to call bingo before you.

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