Are You A Regular Online Poker Player?

Are You A Regular Online Poker Player?

What makes poker a popular card game?  Poker players recognize that unlike other popular gambling options, poker is considered a unique game of skill rather than a game that relies strictly on luck.  As a result, players can become world class poker fanatics capable of going all in at any table.

Poker experienced a boom in the early 2000s with the successful launch of online poker rooms.  Chris Moneymaker is credited with revolutionizing poker when he won the 2003 World Series of Poker, becoming the first player to win the tournament by qualifying through an online poker room.

The win became known as the ‘Moneymaker Effect’ and helped online poker thrive.  Popular betting domains launched their own online poker rooms, and helped spawn some of the world’s most successful poker players – in both online rooms, as well as in live cash tournaments.

Many poker tournaments see a rotating roster of known players, who establish themselves as the poker elites.  As a uniquely made game of skill, poker allows players to hone their talents, and learn to play their opponents as importantly as playing their own hands.  This skill can prove deadly against players who are less experienced at the game.

The benefit of online poker rooms is that they hold a near limitless number of digital seats.  This means new players can register accounts and join online poker rooms, regardless of how many experienced players are currently playing in cash games or tournaments.

Online poker is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular pastimes as experienced and amateur players compete in measurable games of skill.  Players compete in markets from all corners of the world, which makes the game more challenging by introducing players to new ways of playing the game.

Are you ready to go all in on online poker?