Trending and Trading – The Rising Market of Online Casinos

Trending and Trading – The Rising Market of Online Casinos

The bottom line of investing and trading in shares is that it’s always something of a gamble.  However, whilst many individuals (and indeed nations) do not encourage gambling, trading in stocks, shares and binary trading is seen as acceptable practice worldwide.  As such, it’s easy to consider this kind of investment as little more than an alternative, more respectable face of ‘gambling’ as we know it, despite the fact that it might take place even in those places such as certain US states or Arabic nations where gambling itself is forbidden by law.

But how similar is it and why is it that the gambling side of the market seems to have a growing online edge and popularity currently?

Certainly, casino gambling is nothing like binary options trading with its risks which are generally fixed, because whether players play in online casinos or bricks-and-mortar venues any ‘fixing’ they experience tends to be in favour of the house, always acknowledged as the real winner in a casino.  However, it could well be argued that individual skill games such as poker, whether online or in real life, hold similarities to binary options trading – skill, experience and a keen eye for signs of what others are doing (or seem to be doing) can all make the difference between a successful and profitable enterprise or an unlucky gamble.

Similarly, spotting patterns in ‘play’ is a skill which comes with the benefit of experience and with this experience brings a weather eye and greater chances of success … whichever is your game of choice: binary options trading or poker.  Likewise, sports betting holds similarities because, at its most raw definition, trading binary options includes the gamble of whether the stock will rise or fall, in the same way that a sporting punter might bet on a win or lose.

In both examples, performance research can be a factor in the extent of the trading (or bet) – choosing the moment relative to the market in the same way that a sports better might consider the recent performance of both teams before placing a bet.   And of course trading and gambling have another common ground: the quality of information – hopefully from reliable sources to minimize risk and maximize profit.

This provision of quality information is itself developing into something of a major international trend, with respectable websites such as linking wealthy would-be players and investors with equally reputable online portals for playing online poker and casino games.  These offer an alternative method of ‘investing’ as the online arm of the industry continue to develop and thrive as online casinos fill a gap in the investment markets by providing the thrill of the potential gain, which online poker and sports betting marry successfully with that element of risk ‘for fun.’

And the semantics are everything, as Gambling Industry Silently Renames Itself to Gaming Industry, rightly points out.  With the current trend in the growth and reach of online casinos to those wealthier nations where gambling is prohibited on-land but off-shore ‘virtual’ premises offer larger than life, fully simulated gambling experiences, recreational poker players can become professional winners and sports bettors are slowly becoming recognised as ‘sports traders’ as gaming with a financial edge becomes more prevalent in the virtual world.

Markets may indeed rise and fall, but online casinos are indeed a trend to be aware of.

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