Don’t Get Conned by Online Gambling Bonuses – Read the Fine Print

Don’t Get Conned by Online Gambling Bonuses – Read the Fine Print

All kinds of casino bonuses lurk at every corner on the Internet offering different and various benefits, which are either advertised in such a manner to be misinterpreted or to hide the entire truth about the bonus. Up until you decide to read the fine print you will think it’s free money only to find out in the end that there was something to it all along.

In general, bonuses are great for boosting your bankroll. Instead of just playing with $20, why not play with $20 more so that you can have an extended time of play, which means more chances for winning. It’s a great concept, and all you have to do is bother to read the terms and conditions of every bonus offer out there in order to filter out the good offers.

Most of the bonus offers pertain to real money slots and mobile casinos. Progressive slots are excluded from the bonus offers, which means you won’t be able to play popular progressive slots with the casino’s money, which is a shame because Mega Moolah is at an all time high.

Anyway, all online gambling bonus offers come with a full set of terms and conditions which tell you what you have to do to get the bonus, to withdraw the winnings generated using the bonus and what games you can or cannot play with the bonus. Sometimes these requirements are difficult to fulfil, sometimes they are loose enough so that you actually come out with free money. Usually those that are difficult to fulfil are those that are out there to con you, or they offer something unreal like in this picture, which is taken from one of the worst online casinos on the internet.


Always read the fine print before accepting an online bonus offer in order to understand the rules by which you have to use the bonus. If you don’t follow them you may lose the bonus money and all winnings generated, and you will have to play with your deposit only. Worse, you may never receive your winnings even if you’ve fulfilled all the conditions, which is why you always have to choose online casinos with good reputation. Reading the fine print is of no use if the casino is there to take your money anyway.

One of the most important conditions that you have to find in the fine print is the wagering requirement, which regulates how much you need to wager using the bonus money in order to be able to withdraw the winnings and the bonus. For example, if the online bonus has a 40x wagering requirement, which is pretty high, but acceptable (the best bonus offers have wagering requirements as low as 20x or even 12x if you are a regular member), it means that you have to wager an amount 40 times the bonus amount you have received (e.g. 40 x $100 = $4,000). Once you’ve cleared the wagering requirement, you will be able to withdraw your winnings, thus free money.


This is very important to online casinos because that way they can rest assured that you are not there to take the bonus money, withdraw them and just leave as you would if there was no wagering requirement. It’s a fair deal. So, after you have decided to go with a certain bonus offer, make sure to read what games are allowed, how much each game contributes towards the wagering requirements so that you may not waste your time on games that contribute the least. Also see what payment methods there are and most important of all, whether the casino has a good reputation among online casino players.