Morning walk into the fog and into the blurry gambling road
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Morning walk into the fog and into the blurry gambling road

Morning walk into the fog and into the blurry gambling road

I don’t like the fog that much, but I understand that we can’t have that lovely season, the winter, that close to the summer. Indeed, summer is the worst season for me.

Walking in the fog this morning reminded me of the blurry road sharp bettors, poker players, traders and other gamblers take in their careers. How far ahead we can look in those snap is actually how far advantage gamblers can predict into their future.

You see that cable on the pole? We can see the next pole and there’s cable after that. But is the next pole higher or lower? Is there a turn somewhere? What lies ahead? And where is the end of the line?

Fear not of the unexpected. There will be turns. Poles will stand higher or lower, closer to one another or more distant. How dull would it seem to be able to see all poles in that picture? And how sad would it feel to actually see the end of the line?

Maybe that’s why gambling is so fascinating. Risks and rewards are big. Huge. Enormous. And we have no clue where we will stand in years’ time. And that applies to both successful and wannabee advantage gamblers, poker players, bettors and traders. Even if you are losing money now, you never know when the tide turns. And it will turn just as easily for profitable gamblers as well. Never forget that.

Here are some more pictures of today’s fog at my hometown.

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