If You Are Going To Play At Online Casinos, At Least Choose the Games with the Best House Edge

If You Are Going To Play At Online Casinos, At Least Choose the Games with the Best House Edge

The world of online casinos is a wonderful one because generally any online casino game has a better house edge than a land-based casino game. And the most essential thing when choosing to wager on casino games is to find the game with the lowest possible house edge so that you can comfortably play it and come out with surplus after an extended period of playing.

The house edge represents the casino’s average profit from each bet. This means that if a game has a house edge of 2.5% the casino retains $2.50 from every $10 bet and returns the rest as winnings on average. Of course, you’ll not get $7.50 back from every single $10 bet. You are either going to lose the entire bet or win it back with more money.

When you summarize statistically every bet you’ve made and all that you’ve won on a longer term, the statistics will show that 2.5% has gone to the casino as a profit, unless you’ve been lucky and hit a jackpot or several high-paying outcomes. It doesn’t mean that the casino will beat you with every bet, but the point in calculating the house edge is to see what your average loss is going to be.

Without the house edge casinos would be unable to make profit and settle their operating costs. Fortunately, there are plenty of games with very low house edge, for example, a blackjack house edge typically is below 1% with some online blackjack variations having around 99.90% RTP. If you choose to play casino games online you can use mobile casinos to play iPhone blackjack or even blackjack for Android devices.


Luck is a big factor when playing casino games, especially games where skill is not needed like roulette or slots. But, if you choose the lowest house edge game where skill is essential, you need just a little bit of luck and a good strategy coupled with disciplined playing in order to beat the casino’s odds that are naturally stacked against you, the built-in mathematical advantage on every game.

Let’s say you’ve been playing a casino game with an edge of 2% for 3 hours with a deposit of only $100 in your online casino account, but in the end you are left with less or none, and you start to wonder why hasn’t the casino retained only 2% and whether you’ve been cheated.

When you calculate all of the bets you’ve made during those 3 hours you will notice that you have wagered much, much more than what you have had in the first place. This is because you have managed to win some money in the process, but wasn’t able to avoid the grind, which is rebeting your winnings constantly. The higher the house edge, the worse the grind is, which means running out of money at a faster rate and having less chances of winning some more money, thus the essence of playing a low house edge casino game.

Not only that, the calculations will show that you have actually lost only 2% from each of your bet (and won some in the process), but your inability to stop when you had to has grinded your bankroll away. Anyway, discipline is an entirely different matter.


Online casino games with the best house edge are usually the games where skill is needed, like blackjack. Games like roulette, slots or keno (god forbid) are the ones that you need to avoid if you are not prepared to lose more on the longer term, although there are some slot games that have a very low house edge. These games require lots of luck, more than what you need in blackjack. They offer bigger payouts, but unless you are super lucky or hit a progressive slot jackpot, you will come out as a loser in the end. And, avoid progressive jackpot games, because they have the worst house edge of all.

Another game with a great house edge is video poker. Almost all video poker games have a house edge below 1%, which makes them great for using a playing strategy in order to eliminate that 1% and come out as a winner. There are many resources on playing strategies for skill-based games so learn one and play only games with the best house edge. The smaller the house edge, the more likely you are to win.