Buying, Selling and Developing Domains for a Living

Buying, Selling and Developing Domains for a Living
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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat do we mean when we are talking about domains and domain business? Simply put it is about buying and selling domains. These domain trading may include just domain names up to fully developed websites.

[one_half]The more value a domain has in terms of domain name, potential and web development, the higher the bids it may attract when selling it.



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How I ended up in the domain business?

I learnt about domain name registration and how to search and buy domain names in 2005 when I registered this domain, The domain registration was done via back then, because of popularity and good reviews about cheap domain names there. I also paid for domain hosting but after a couple of years I found HostGator domain hosting service better and moved my domains.

Nowadays GoDaddy is my preferred domain name registrar when looking to buy domain names. After completing the domain registrations there, I immediately host the new domains at HostGator and begin building my websites.

You can do unlimited domain name searches at GoDaddy or other registrars. is not considered the best company to perform a domain name search though, since they update their databases slower than others. That means you may find out that the domain name is free and available, but at the check out you are informed that the domain name is already registered.

Yet, I still perform my domain name searches there. Something that cost me dearly as of lately.

Don’t expect to find free domains with great names like one-word domains

Let me buy you some time: do not even think of searching a single-word domain name. They are never available, so there’s no need to spend time checking them out.

Also, I am not the domainer that includes expired domains in his watch list. And that is because investing in established domain names isn’t by bread and butter. That doesn’t mean of course that you should not have expired domains under your radar if you’d like to. There are domainers that excel in this sector! It’s just I think you’d be better off by registering your unique new domain name, especially if you are just starting out in the domain business.

How to find good keywords and popular domain names? You never know when that idea for a promising domain name will come by, so make a note next time you think of something to try out when you get home!

Sure, finding popular keywords in search engines is one of the recommended way before you register domains. Yet, you’ll most likely be too late by the time you search those keyword terms in the domain registrar. Be creative and always keep in mind, how the domain name is supposed to bring you money.

It’s time for your first domain name registration

The results of a domain name search may lead you to buy many domain names. While buying domain names in bulk is a good strategy to lower the costs, cheap domain registrations are hard to find.

Be careful not to overspend and avoid going on a shopping spree!

My strategy when buying domains is always to buy at least 6, since I get private registration for free. If I can’t find 6 promising domain names, I make a list and when that list includes 6 domain names, it’s time to register all of them. By the way, you don’t need to buy new domain names all the time. You may look for other domainers, who are willing to sell some of their portfolio at domain auctions.

[box type=”download”]Jim’s tip: registering cheap domains is nothing to be ashamed of. There’s a good chance those 10 or 20 dollars you spent, to make it back into your wallet in no time; as long as you invest time in your domain naturally. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll sell one of those $10 domains for thousands of dollars![/box]

Domains need hosting only if you are developing a website!

Domain hosting is all about the server which will host your website. At first you should park your domain until you build and develop a website. Domain parking is a good way for the world to know of your domain name, while there is a small chance you make a few bucks from advertising.

HostGator is considered one of the best domain hosting companies for Joomla websites and WordPress blogs and I have partnered with them in the recent years. Check out my recent posts about hosting or even better make sure you visit my recently published web design guide that will have you create a website in 4 easy steps!