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Finding My Voice as a Work-From-Home Dad

Finding my voice as a YouTuber and a work-from-home dad is about how I shoot the video, how I tell the story and what kind of style I want my video to be.

Finding my voice as a YouTuber is about how I shoot the video, how I tell the story and in general, what kind of style I want my video to be. But, as a work-from-home dad there is also family, work and other aspects of everyday life. As I make more episodes and videos, I tend to find my style, my voice on YouTube.

This video: LIFE.doc S02E03 (4K)

Creating videos for the sake of content creation is not my goal. If I want to make something out of my videos,
I first need to find my voice before the world hears of me.

That’s why I usually start my day with watching the latest episodes of creators I draw inspiration from. Of course, that’s after I spend a couple
of hours prepping and driving my daughter to school. As a work-from-home dad, my day isn’t all about consuming and creating content. I have to provide and raise a family.

And as my personal time is quickly running out every morning, I have to make the best of it, while taking care of the household and family stuff. Yet, before I begin working on my projects, I always, ALWAYS overthink. Although I try stopping it as I discussed in my previous video, I consider it a crucial part of my routine. Some sort of meditation, although I play with a ball, instead of lying or sitting down.

Ok, I am just showing off now! Still, I can’t avoid talking of the video gear, since I’m using it so much for these episodes. These microphones must be the only devices still in existence that use this kind of batteries! What can you do, right?

And by finding my voice I do not mean the topics I’ll be talking about. Finding my voice as a video creator is all about the style of my videos, of the editing workflow, of the type of shots, of the storytelling process.

Do I want to have static or moving shots? Should I show my everyday life even as a family man and if yes, how can I make that work efficiently? Do I think a documentary style is closer to my style than vlogging? How do I include details of the products I use, while not coming out as a sell-out?

By the way, this is the only mouse I use, since it can switch working between my desktop and laptop by pressing a button.

Will I use a voiceover such as in this video? I DID that a year ago when I first began making these videos and I knew it was my style. Can’t think why I stopped doing it though! I do have other projects going on as well, that help me pay the bills. These also give me the freedom to procrastinate
on social media and to upgrade my tools, such as tablets, phones or computers that hopefully will make my life easier.

And speaking of tools, they all share one thing: batteries! And filming does consume a lot of cameras’ energy! Two hours into filming this episode and I already had to charge some batteries!

I certainly do not like to review stuff, despite online trends suggesting that tech review videos do seem to outperform other content.

Charging 3 batteries at the same time. This charger can also be used as a power bank. It’s not the cheapest one, though!

However, I find it very helpful when creators mention their favorite gear in their videos and how specific products have solved their problems. That’s why I will be including some in my episodes. And speaking of YouTube trends, many YouTubers have a knack for coffee.

Me? I never drink coffee. But I love food!

Perhaps by making the videos I might begin eating more healthy. Win-win!

My style isn’t me talking to the camera. I do not feel comfortable and if I do not enjoy doing it, chances are that I will feel reluctant to make the video. So, adding the voiceover acted as a workaround.

No video would be complete without some in-car shots!

I also want to film memories, so some kind of vlog-style footage is necessary.

Welcome! How are we doing? Tangerine?

I always thought that making documentary-styled videos meant no vlogs, but in all honesty I am free to film and show anything! Since it’s human nature for everyone to care for themselves and not to give a dime of what others are doing, it feels like I’m filming and uploading my home movies. And driving. And sunsets.

Obviously, there’s a thin line that I need to draw of how much of my life as a dad I can show to the world publicly, both in terms of privacy and safety.

– Ah, I can’t do it! Will you insert the hands for me?
– You want me to help you?

In the end, finding my voice as a work-from-home dad & aspiring video creator is all about creating memories and lessons for my daughter to watch when she gets older in a style that screams it was made by her dad. Maybe she won’t, but to say the least I’ll have plenty of home movies to watch when I won’t be able to make them any more as  a granddad!

Mum: What does dad do over there? Are you two making a movie?