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Hello world! | LIFE.doc 0.1

So, change of plans, people. Instead of ironing out every detail for this video project of mine before going live, why not let the world see what I am up to?

Consider this a sneak peek into the beta stage!

After lots of preparation and failed attempts, I realized that filming my everyday family life AND creating useful content AND working in my other projects AND having a life actually… can’t be done. At least for me.

So it’s a lot more difficult to shoot the video like I originally had planned to.

But how exactly was I planning this video series to work out in the first place?

Initially, during my epiphany moment that I shared on Instagram, I thought of filming my daily activities, throw in an interesting story and edit the whole thing the next day, adding a voice over. So, film a day, edit the next and if I get the hang of it and speed up the process, perhaps make it into a daily video series. Quite ambitious.

The voice over would be in English, reading from a script like I am doing now, while you would be watching hopefully nice shots of my day. The story that I would inject into each video would be in Greek, since I struggle to talk to a camera in English. That would add another task in the editing process, unfortunately.

After attempting to create this format the first day, I began having second thoughts. Maybe I should write the script first so that I know what the day’s topic would be. But then, what if something happens during the day that I want to speak about, like my recent story of a successful gambler who lost it all.

And it wasn’t just overthinking the project for months that made it difficult to even start.

Especially when you are trying to shoot every scene in a perfect way. It’s even more difficult!

Perfection. I am now considering this a flaw if shooting a lot of content is the goal here. By trying to get a perfect result out to the public, I keep on postponing what I want to do.

So I thought to film it a bit differently.

Yeah, surely this won’t come out perfect by any means. But I am finally doing something. And you are a part of it! So, hop along as I will be showing my thinking process in these first clips of Life.doc!