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What's MISSING from these videos | Life.doc 0.2

Far, far, FAR from perfect these videos have lots of missing parts to be called episodes. That’s why I wasn’t planning to publish them.

These videos lack:

1. A topic

My goal with this project is to discuss various topics. Not just show you how I do groceries or spend my day. But before LIFE.doc enters production stage, I’ll be sharing the process of building this whole project. I expect having a topic to also help in SEO and ranking in YouTube’s search engine.

2. A proper intro and outro and other effects

Although not important to the story, they will make the videos more appealing. These will be done in after effects and will be purchased from VideoHive, a marketplace for video creators. Already found my favorite ones.

3. Music

Did you hear any melody in the last video? No, your hearing is fine. I will add background music as soon as I decide where I’ll buy tracks from. Because, when you produce YouTube videos, licensing music has become the norm, despite the fact free music is available. Epidemic Sound and Filmstro are strong candidates.

4. Clips from the same day

In the hello world introductory video I used a bunch of random clips shot in the last twelve months along with Thursday’s footage. I spent most of my editing on looking for the clips in the hard disks. That has to change and include mostly up-to-date footage with occasional b-roll that makes sense. Otherwise, the title I picked for this series doesn’t make that sense.

Finally, I think I’m talking too much. In filmmaking they say, show don’t tell.

When I will add all those things, I’ll shoot the first episode of LIFE.doc. Till then, these aren’t even episodes but I hope we all learn something from them.