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Note to Self: Stop Overthinking and Start Creating

This is a motivational video for me to stop overthinking and start creating, putting those thoughts into action.

This is a motivational video for me to stop overthinking and start creating, putting those thoughts into action. Not my best video; hopefully, better videos will pile up and dig this deeper into my feed! Just forced me to put this out there, so that I improve and begin something.

This video: LIFE.doc S02E02 (4K)

So, it’s no more! I’ve given it a lot of thought the previous days what I will do, what I would have done, what I would have accomplished, what the result would have been if I had started, if I had done this, if I had done that, if I had made these videos…

In all honesty, I got tired of overthinking, of wandering around this living room kicking a ball around and going around the table thinking what would have happened and what I would have succeeded if I had started making the videos. I’d rather spend my nights editing instead of thinking of what I could have done if I had shot some video during daytime and instead of overthinking all that, I’d rather do some editing, although editing isn’t my favorite.

So, today it’s Thursday, I hope you are watching this video on Friday morning as I do not want to spend another night overthinking of what I could have created if I had shot some footage during the day

Another thing that I enjoy doing while overthinking is to lie down and play with this ball which I am used to since I was very young, as a kid. I don’t know why, I just got used to it, it helps me think a lot… And I believe this ball has become my best friend like the Tom Hank’s movie, the Cast Away. He had a ball as a friend, something like that.

Also, it’s the daylight saving time that ended, more night time, less daytime, that means more hours to overthinking and less hours for action. So, it’s a good reason for me to get going at last…

And then it’s this very nice weather which makes taking pics for Instagram a necessity, but what I enjoy the most is making videos. So let’s make some videos! Of course, making videos on a more regular basis means their quality won’t be the expected one and certainly not my best but quantity will increase, at least!

Quantity will increase but quality will suffer. Pretty much like everything happens in life. We win some, we lose some.

So, just a few words for today. Ok, the video might be short but something is better than nothing. This time I decided to publish the footage that I’d film during the day in contrast to all that footage from Skyros island in summer or from some recent trips and to find a good reason to start publishing it and not just take hard disk space unused.

We have a lot to talk about, I’ll see you in the next video, hopefully tomorrow!