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Quad Monitor Setup: How to build

I have used a dual monitor setup for 3 years before I setup a quad monitor arrangement on my desk. I am still using an Asus P5W Deluxe motherboard with an Intel E6600 Core 2 Duo CPU and 6 GB of RAM. Two hard disks, a Western Digital Raptor and a 500GB one, keep my… Continue reading

Quad monitor setup installed!

I have finally received my new 24” Dell monitors this morning and have just finished installing my quad monitor setup! Everything seems to be working fine and the new monitors are in excellent condition. I liked the touch buttons on the right and the Preset Modes, currently Adobe RGB selected. Packaging was very good and… Continue reading

Buying new monitors for my computer setup

After working with laptops for some years, I went on and built a desktop computer about 4 years ago, which included dual monitor setup. Two Dell 2407 monitors were my choice and haven’t regretted at all. They have been excellent monitors throughout this time, offering plenty of workspace for either trading or multitabling at poker…. Continue reading