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Trying out a Forecasting Tool that Predicts Betfair Trends

Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict Betfair trends without spending hours on research? You just back the odds that are destined to shorten or lay the odds that are predicted to drift. Lean back to your chair and enjoy your coffee, while the market confirms your prediction. Then, you close your trade and… Continue reading

Why Betfair should create a social platform like TradingView

Betting trends can easily be spotted at Betfair charts. Odds movements may predict smart money’s betting preferences or bookmakers’ mistakes. That’s why gamblers are interested in odds movements lately. However, the charts that Betfair provides are way too simple. Perhaps it’s about time Betfair update their charting and offer HTML5 charts, like TradingView. And since… Continue reading

Betfair account security could use some tweaking

Attention, your Betfair account may have been compromised. That was the warning, which the customers of a popular Betfair third-party software received in their email address yesterday. The manager of A Geek’s Toy, the Betfair software in question, also informed them that they are offering their software free of charge at least for one month,… Continue reading