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How to make sure your betting system is a winner

Δοκιμάζεις ένα σύστημα στο στοίχημα. Μετά από πολλά πονταρίσματα, το κεφάλαιό σου εμφανίζει κέρδη. Είναι σίγουρα ένα κερδισμένο σύστημα ή στάθηκες τυχερός;

Did your betting system fail? That is a step closer to success!

Did your betting system fail? Admitting the failure of a betting system just brings you closer to the successful betting system that is waiting to be found! The sooner you aknowledge the failure, the better. Perhaps you remember a football betting system I began to test 2 months ago. That betting system failed miserably, crashed and… Continue reading

Expectations and Bankroll Growth

We have defined our bankroll and staking plan we are going to apply and we may now calculate how much winnings we should expect and when we will make our first withdrawal. Because, after all, if we are not going to spend our hard earned money, what is the point to build our Betting System… Continue reading

Bankroll Requirements and Staking Plan

We have now arrived to the point we  are confident with our probability calculations  and understand value betting, and we want with no further delay to submit our bets and start making money. However, if we don’t bet according to a staking plan and not having defined any bankroll for our system, we will be… Continue reading

Probability Calculations and Value Betting

Usually, inputing data, variables and stats into an excel spreadsheet is dull and when it’s done on a daily basis it can get frustrating. Now, the clever part of building a betting system is making proper use of those numbers in order to calculate a probability percentage as close as possible to the real probability… Continue reading

Data Collection, Statistics and Input Variables

Having already discussed about selecting a sport to bet on in the tutorial series on how to build your own Betting System, it’s time to deal with the input variables of the system we are going to develop. Now, don’t panic, by saying “input variables” doesn’t mean we plan on building a nuclear reactor! We will… Continue reading

Selecting a Sport to Bet on

So, you want to start betting with a system and not randomly huh? But where to begin with? Building a betting system looks like a labyrinth and a heavy task, but not in my book. There are some steps you should take in order to be successful and completing each one of them with the… Continue reading

How to Build your own Betting System

We all have visited plenty of websites offering tips which are based on some betting systems and strategies. We never get the chance to see one, but we are happy to receive the tips in our emails and move on. How about this time to build our unique betting system and have the tips right in… Continue reading