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Why I joined BettingExpert, the Social Network of Sports Betting

BettingExpert welcomes all visitors by introducing itself as the social network of sports betting. Moreover, they offer monthly prizes worth £3,000 to the best 40 tipsters. Yet, that’s not the reason I joined BettingExpert today. The past months I have become a lot more active at social media and generally on the internet. I am… Continue reading

Why I never use Betting Tips to invest my money

Since there are a bunch of websites offering paid or free betting tips, it’s tempting for gamblers to invest their money using these tips. After all, all the hard work of studying the games, analyzing the stats and doing the necessary research is already completed by the betting experts. Sports bettors only need to follow… Continue reading

Data Collection, Statistics and Input Variables

Having already discussed about selecting a sport to bet on in the tutorial series on how to build your own Betting System, it’s time to deal with the input variables of the system we are going to develop. Now, don’t panic, by saying “input variables” doesn’t mean we plan on building a nuclear reactor! We will… Continue reading

How to Build your own Betting System

We all have visited plenty of websites offering tips which are based on some betting systems and strategies. We never get the chance to see one, but we are happy to receive the tips in our emails and move on. How about this time to build our unique betting system and have the tips right in… Continue reading