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Greece to restart regulating online gambling by suspending licenses

Authorities are considering to restart the online gambling regulation in Greece. That means suspending the licenses they have issued to 24 online bookmakers and offering brand new ones! Yet, there are worries the whole process will take considerable time, until the new licenses are issued, giving an unfair advantage to the country’s gambling company. At… Continue reading

Online Gambling in Europe: Where to relocate

What goes on with online gambling in Europe? Thinking of relocating in Europe to carry on your online gambling activities? I am sure the gambling map of GamblingCompliance will come in handy before you decide what country you are moving in. The map shows the European countries where internet gambling is either regulated or prohibited… Continue reading

US, Australia and Europe going after gambling industry

Gambling and specifically online gambling seems to be under fire in USA, Australia and Europe. Government officials make statements against online sports betting every day, commissions go after prediction markets and introduced laws prevent people from accessing online bookmakers when their websites are in foreign countries. Is it the end of online gambling as we… Continue reading

Who pays commission? How are odds affected?

Everyone pays commission in order to be able to bet on an event. This is true either in Betfair or another bookmaker. The bookmakers have “vig” representing the commission. Vig, which is short for vigorish, is a term used to describe the book’s theoretical edge, or commission, on each betting online wager. So, how does this… Continue reading