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Casino Bonuses Are Boon to new Casino Players

Online casinos are the preferred medium to play casino games these days rather than the traditional land based casinos. People prefer to play in the online casinos today as these offer the players with casino bonuses,┬ádeals and jackpots which the land based casinos almost never do. Therefore, the casino lovers prefer these bonuses and play… Continue reading

Blackjack tips and Roulette secrets [Infographic]

This infographic by 24hPoker includes interesting facts about casino games, along with online blackjack tips and roulette secrets. For example, did you know that Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Queen Elizabeth II have tried their luck playing roulette, whereas Napoleon liked playing blackjack? Or that the roulette wheel weighs 50 to 60kg? How about the… Continue reading

How Much do Biggest Losers in Gambling Lose per Bet

Jared let me know of an infographic he did about the biggest losers in gambling. The study of expected loss after 10 hours of play at popular casino games prove that slot machines are the most expensive games for gamblers while I was surprised to find out that the biggest gambling losers live in Australia… Continue reading