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Trying out a Forecasting Tool that Predicts Betfair Trends

Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict Betfair trends without spending hours on research? You just back the odds that are destined to shorten or lay the odds that are predicted to drift. Lean back to your chair and enjoy your coffee, while the market confirms your prediction. Then, you close your trade and… Continue reading

Why Betfair should create a social platform like TradingView

Betting trends can easily be spotted at Betfair charts. Odds movements may predict smart money’s betting preferences or bookmakers’ mistakes. That’s why gamblers are interested in odds movements lately. However, the charts that Betfair provides are way too simple. Perhaps it’s about time Betfair update their charting and offer HTML5 charts, like TradingView. And since… Continue reading

Support and Resistance of Candlesticks in Betfair Charts

We talked about support and resistance levels in Betfair horse racing charts but how about candlesticks formations in the graphs? The candlesticks provide more detailed charts and a lot more information, but if you are not aware of them you shouldn’t worry. We can still make money trading in Betfair using trendlines, support and resistance… Continue reading

Technical Analysis in Betfair Horse Racing Charts

Technical analysis can be applied in Betfair betting markets and many Betfair traders make money trading with it. Here are the Betfair charts of the favorite horses of 6 horse racing betfair markets which took place yesterday. Besides the odds movement, I have added to the Betfair graphs some technical analysis’ elements, mainly trendlines, support… Continue reading

Tutorial: Trading Charts in Betfair

Using as a reference the races taking place in Ascot these days, we will examine the fixed odds’ charts regarding technical analysis, which is widely spread in the financial markets. Cockney Rebel was the favorite in the 3.45 race at odds of 2.20. 10 minutes before the start of the race the chart was like… Continue reading