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How to manage multiple profiles on social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+… 5 of the most popular social media and we have profiles on almost all of them. Here’s how I manage them and keep them synced automatically. Better yet, why I keep them all active!

Google+ for the win! Why I moved to Google Plus and you Should too

Two months ago I made the move over to Google+ for good and began sharing my thoughts exclusively at Google’s social network. I strongly believe Google+ will dominate the social media world, but until that’s a proven fact, I find myself discussing about the pros and cons of joining Google Plus. Mostly pros though, as… Continue reading

Online social networking: Stop wasting time manually updating profiles

Are you tired sharing your same thoughts at different social networks? Do you find annoying, copying the same exact message from Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ to reach out all your friends or followers? Online social networking can become a tedious and time-consuming task. Here is how I finally put an end on wasting… Continue reading

Why I converted my personal Facebook profile to a business page

Mixing business with pleasure should be avoided as they say and that is what happened with my Facebook account. In addition, the Facebook business page of this very blog had converted into a showcase of my recent publications, including articles written in Greek, which I understand confused my Facebook followers. So, if you yourself are… Continue reading

Payment Methods and Return-On-Investment of Facebook Promoted Posts

Get more people who like your Facebook page to see this post. By paying. Real US dollars. Since I found out Facebook charges to promote Business pages’ posts, I decided to spend some time exploring the limited available options. It turns out I cannot change the amount of money, as the pull-down menu leaves me… Continue reading

TaxiBeat: The Greek Startup that attracted Gamblers!

Betting on a taxi ride? Gamblers in Greece had set up an illegal gambling operation where they could bet their money on the fastest taxi driver or on the most likely route drivers would take! According to Greek news, young University students were arrested a couple of days ago when a taxi driver and member… Continue reading

Do you prefer Facebook Poker, or the real thing?

The online poker industry has been abuzz in recent months with the news of Facebook taking steps towards offering a real money gambling platform. The social networking site has long offered free-play Texas Hold’em via the wildly popular Zynga Poker, which plays host to over seven million card sharps, a higher player traffic than all… Continue reading

Live Updates from European Poker Tour Grand Final Madrid

Facebook and Twitter is the favorite choices of many poker pros, who will use the social networking websites to communicate with their friends and fans, in order to keep them updated of their performance in the EPT Grand Final poker tournament that is starting on 7th of May. That is why I also have setup… Continue reading