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Did your betting system fail? That is a step closer to success!

Did your betting system fail? Admitting the failure of a betting system just brings you closer to the successful betting system that is waiting to be found! The sooner you aknowledge the failure, the better. Perhaps you remember a football betting system I began to test 2 months ago. That betting system failed miserably, crashed and… Continue reading

Why I never use Betting Tips to invest my money

Since there are a bunch of websites offering paid or free betting tips, it’s tempting for gamblers to invest their money using these tips. After all, all the hard work of studying the games, analyzing the stats and doing the necessary research is already completed by the betting experts. Sports bettors only need to follow… Continue reading

Betfair trading in football betting can make you money before kick off

G10vanni7, a Greek Betfair trader, has just published in his betting blog an image proving that trading football games before the kick off can make you money. Most betfair traders trade the UK horse racing markets while others prefer trading the odds during a football game, when the in-play odds move a lot. However, another… Continue reading