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How to make a business plan for online investing

Do you really need a business plan when investing online? I thought I didn’t, until my way of living interfered with my investments and severely affected the efficiency and results of my investing. Yesterday I discussed how to fit online investing in your daily schedule and towards the post’s end I suggested making a plan… Continue reading

Greek Online Gambling law imposes Tax on Gambling Winnings

Internet gambling in Greece is expected to change dramatically on December 5, when the legislation about online gambling comes into effect, according to officials’ announcement. The Greek law will impose a tax on gambling winnings that come from either online betting or online poker, while 30% taxation on betting sites’ gross profits is also scheduled…. Continue reading

Greek legislation against online gambling sites

Are you visiting Greece and planning on betting in your favorite online gambling site? Greek legislation that will come in effect on December 5, prohibits players from accessing their betting accounts, in case their favorite gambling site is one of the sites, which haven’t acquired an operating license in Greece. This is all part of… Continue reading