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How to manage multiple profiles on social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+… 5 of the most popular social media and we have profiles on almost all of them. Here’s how I manage them and keep them synced automatically. Better yet, why I keep them all active!

Link Google Blogger to Google+ to resurrect your Blogspot comments!

When you connect your Blogger account with your Google+ profile, the comments you made the last 10 years at Blogspot blogs will automatically link back to your Google+ profile! Isn’t that great? Do you have a Blogger account? You do, if your blog ends with! I don’t know if that feature is a new… Continue reading

I cannot get my Google+ custom URL because my blog beat me to it!

A recent update allows Google users to get a Google+ custom URL for their profile or Google+ pages. However, in some cases they are not offered their preferred custom URL, requesting them to add additional characters or numbers! And sometimes their favorite custom link is being offered to their Google+ page! This is my personal… Continue reading

Google+ for the win! Why I moved to Google Plus and you Should too

Two months ago I made the move over to Google+ for good and began sharing my thoughts exclusively at Google’s social network. I strongly believe Google+ will dominate the social media world, but until that’s a proven fact, I find myself discussing about the pros and cons of joining Google Plus. Mostly pros though, as… Continue reading

Better Blog Ranking and Link Building with Google Authorship Markup

Two months ago I explained how Google Plus Authorship Markup can help your blog stand out at Google search results. It turns out that linking your Google plus account within your posts not only boosts your blog’s ranking but also increases the likelihood advertisers wanting to buy links from your posts! At least that’s what… Continue reading

Stand out at Google Search Results with Authorship Markup (rel=author)

Google Authorship markup can make your blog post stand out from other results in Google search. All you have to do is add your Google Plus profile link somewhere in each post of yours and include ?rel=author at the end of that link. The authorship markup isn’t something new but I heard it this month… Continue reading