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Using online poker software to review your hands

Online poker software can help us sort out those poker hands that cost us the most and hopefully plug some leaks! By reviewing last night’s poker session, players may find out that their poker bankroll could have increased if they hadn’t made expensive mistakes. That is how I discovered that I could have avoided losing… Continue reading

Holdem Manager HUD: Color Ranges of Optimal Poker Stats

Since I discussed color-coding your Holdem Manager HUD, I kept reminding myself to also post the color ranges for individual poker stats. A couple of readers who are new to poker contacted me for the same reason as well and today I finally decided to publish the optimal range of each statistic. You see, when… Continue reading

Resuming Poker Blogging after Creating New Databases in Holdem Manager

My poker blogging surely went south since it’s been a month since I last updated my blog’s poker section. During this time I visited Skyros island for a week and when I returned, I ordered a new solid state disk (SSD) for my desktop computer. I have thought of formatting and re-installing Windows for quite… Continue reading

Recouping Weekend’s Losses, +11BI Day

Two losing days during the weekend cost 5 EV buy-ins at micro stakes, while the actual losses were more than five. Monday on the contrary was a great day, running very well and I managed to recoup the weekend’s losses and make even more. I completed 3 sessions at the poker tables yesterday, two 2-hour… Continue reading

Two Poker Leaks at HUD that Cost Money, +8BI Day

Net won figure of yesterday’s poker performance reads $740 at $50NL tables but the EV adjusted winnings were 8 buy-ins, ranking the day as the most profitable one, since I began posting again about poker. Obviously I ran pretty well for 7 buy-ins above Expected Value, so a correction is very likely the next days…. Continue reading

Starting over from Micro Stakes Poker, Moving Up to $50NL

You might remember me playing poker at high stakes, winning $17K pots and losing 30 grand in one day! Those poker days have come and gone. Poker hasn’t been exactly my favorite hobby during the past months, focusing on trading and website development instead. Reasons include Black Friday events and consequences, law changes in many… Continue reading

How to Beat Different Opponents by Color-Coding your Poker HUD

A poker HUD, or Heads-Up-Display, is extremely useful in beating your opponents when multitabling your favorite poker room. Setting your HUD correctly will lead you to identify bad players quicker and avoid regulars who have an advantage against you. Color-coding the poker stats you have at your disposal will increase the HUD’s effectiveness and hopefully… Continue reading

Holdem Manager 2 Beta Installation

I received my Holdem Manager 2 beta codethis week in my mailbox and I’m happy to report that Holdem Manager 2 installation took less than 2 minutes even after setting up the PostgreSQL database. HEM 2 setup allows you to import either your Holdem Manager 1 or Poker Tracker 3 database as soon as the… Continue reading