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Why I never use Betting Tips to invest my money

Since there are a bunch of websites offering paid or free betting tips, it’s tempting for gamblers to invest their money using these tips. After all, all the hard work of studying the games, analyzing the stats and doing the necessary research is already completed by the betting experts. Sports bettors only need to follow… Continue reading

How to Bet on Horse Racing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Kate from TVG.vom contacted me the other day and let me know of an infographic their horse racing betting site created about how to bet on horse racing! The infographic is a great guide for novice bettors who dig into horse racing betting for the first time. The visual guide explains the difference between straight… Continue reading

Giving Back Money You Won by Mistake

Back when I traded the odds of horse racing markets in Betfair, a mistake of mine instead of costing me money actually won EUR800! Unfortunately I don’t have the screenshot of that event, but I feel it was just yesterday that happened. I had been trading the odds of the next race’ favorite horse, when… Continue reading

Does your Trading Strategy Work in Horse Racing Markets?

I often receive emails questioning why I have given up trading the horse racing markets at Betfair and whether a trader can make money nowadays trading fixed odds of the favorite horse. The fact that I cannot make it pay anymore doesn’t mean other traders are unsuccessful as well. It means my trading strategy is no… Continue reading

Making EUR53 by Trading Before the Race Starts

Today in Wolverhampton Racecourse I traded “Tugalu” horse and made EUR53. The odds didn’t drift nor steam but rather hovered around 4.50. Yet, there were some nice scalping opportunities which could be exploited in order to make money before the horse race even went off! Here’s the video capture of my trading moves made with… Continue reading

Centaur Academy Sports Trading Course Discount for Readers

Centaur Academy have a few spaces left on their Advanced Football Trading course and Advance Horse Racing course over the next few weeks, which you can try yourselves for £99 discounted of the normal price of £249, by mentioning my nickname (Jimmakos) when booking. Either course needs to be booked by contacting them personally by… Continue reading

Betting graph technical analysis of Royal Ascot horse racing markets

Nowadays there is huge interest for betting in horse racing due to the Royal Ascot taking place and a lot of money is risked on those betting markets. The volume traded in Betfair Ascot’s markets almost always exceeds the one million mark, differentiating their odds movement behavior a bit. Let’s take a look at a… Continue reading

Support and Resistance of Candlesticks in Betfair Charts

We talked about support and resistance levels in Betfair horse racing charts but how about candlesticks formations in the graphs? The candlesticks provide more detailed charts and a lot more information, but if you are not aware of them you shouldn’t worry. We can still make money trading in Betfair using trendlines, support and resistance… Continue reading

Technical analysis: Support and Resistance Levels in Betfair Graphs

Betfair trading is all about odds movement. By learning basic terms of technical analysis like support and resistance, and applying them to Betfair graphs, we are able to make money by correctly predicting them. I included 7 betfair graphs from yesterday’s horse racing betting markets in this article and I try analyzing and discussing the… Continue reading

Bet Angel and BFExplorer: Sports Trading Software in Betfair

If you are looking for sports trading software in Betfair, here is a side to side comparison of Bet Angel and BFExplorer. I traded 3 horse racing markets using both trading platforms and recorded today’s trading video. Both trading programs have charting capabilities, adequate refresh rates, ladder interface and quick response times. Everything a serious… Continue reading

Sports Trading: Trend is your friend in Betfair trading

Trend is your friend and today’s sports trading video is a prime example of that. Betfair trading is not that difficult if we follow simple rules when trading the horse racing betting odds with Bet Angel Pro. In this Betfair trading video I traded 2 horse racing markets with small stakes and while the first… Continue reading