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Technical Analysis in Betfair Horse Racing Charts

Technical analysis can be applied in Betfair betting markets and many Betfair traders make money trading with it. Here are the Betfair charts of the favorite horses of 6 horse racing betfair markets which took place yesterday. Besides the odds movement, I have added to the Betfair graphs some technical analysis’ elements, mainly trendlines, support… Continue reading

Betfair Trading: How to make money from a Breakout

Betfair charts help a lot in Betfair trading without doubt. Bet Angel goes even further providing real-time charts with candlesticks. In this betfair trading video I show you how to make money when a breakout occurs in the betangel’s charts and how to spot the odds’ trend. Once again I’m trading the horse racing markets… Continue reading

How to make money in an inactive Betfair market

“Buy low and sell high” is the general concept in Betfair trading. The issue though is that sometimes the Betfair markets seem inactive and the odds don’t move that much, fluctuating just a few ticks around a mean price, making it difficult to make money. The solution that is described in this trading video is… Continue reading

Horse Racing Trading still beatable?

Apparently yes! Or so it seems. Today I took a look at Bet Angel web page and I noticed a banner in the right column with the title: “2008 £1k to £100k Challenge”. That rang a bell since Adam Todd from RacingTraders had attempted such a challenge in the past. So I decided to visit… Continue reading

Tutorial: Trading Charts in Betfair

Using as a reference the races taking place in Ascot these days, we will examine the fixed odds’ charts regarding technical analysis, which is widely spread in the financial markets. Cockney Rebel was the favorite in the 3.45 race at odds of 2.20. 10 minutes before the start of the race the chart was like… Continue reading

Make Money Trading Fixed Odds in Horse Racing

Let’s examine what  it means to bet and mainly trade the horse racing markets and make money out of it. As an example, we will refer to a Brighton race which offers the favorite horse at odds of 3.00. Before submitting our bets, we’d better do some configuration in the “options” box, put by Betfair… Continue reading