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Link Google Blogger to Google+ to resurrect your Blogspot comments!

When you connect your Blogger account with your Google+ profile, the comments you made the last 10 years at Blogspot blogs will automatically link back to your Google+ profile! Isn’t that great? Do you have a Blogger account? You do, if your blog ends with! I don’t know if that feature is a new… Continue reading

A VPS Hosting Comparison while my Blogs were Offline

You might have noticed that all of my blogs went offline yesterday. My hosting provider, HostGator, experienced some serious problems with their data center at Utah, which also led other hosting companies to face similar issues. Bluehost, HostMonster and JustHost all went down in flames for more than 10 hours at some cases.

Transfer from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting for Better Security

Moving my domains from HostGator shared hosting service to VPS – Virtual Private Server – has been quite an experience during last week. I made the decision due to allegedly improved security that a VPS or a dedicated server provides compared to shared hosting, since my websites were malware-infected the previous weekend. Domain transfer completed… Continue reading

Enable Gzip Compression with EasyApache

Speeding up a WordPress blog includes enabling Gzip compression via EasyApache on Linux servers. Since I transferred my websites to VPS hosting, I focused into speeding up my blogs, but I quickly found out that I had to mess with Apache interface. If cPanel is used for managing the server, EasyApache is an easy way… Continue reading

Virus Infected Websites, Excellent HostGator Support

All of my blogs and websites were infected by a trojan virus this weekend. HostGator, the hosting company of the websites, were unbelievably supportive and although I contacted them on Sunday, they responded within an hour letting me know that they had completed the scanning process! It turns out that the same virus has infected… Continue reading