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Perform Page Speed Tests at

Since Google adopted website speed into their ranking formula two years ago, every blogger worries about their page speed and website loading times. Making money by blogging is all about content and invaluable content will keep visitors inside your blog, no matter how long they have to wait until your page completes downloading. But the… Continue reading

Virus Infected Websites, Excellent HostGator Support

All of my blogs and websites were infected by a trojan virus this weekend. HostGator, the hosting company of the websites, were unbelievably supportive and although I contacted them on Sunday, they responded within an hour letting me know that they had completed the scanning process! It turns out that the same virus has infected… Continue reading

Google Webmaster Tool against Hacking your Joomla Website

Top keywords at Google Webmaster tool showed me that my Joomla 1.5 website had been hacked. I have no clue how to hack websites but I know of search engine optimization, and I understand something is wrong when “download” and “movie” are my top keywords in significance in Google webmaster tool! My Joomla 1.5 installation… Continue reading

WordPress vs Joomla: Best Blog Software for gambling blog

Joomla has been my favorite blog software but working with WordPress makes me reconsider. I have built more than 5 websites using Joomla as my content management system but lately I have converted 2 blogs from Joomla to WordPress and found it easier, faster and more user friendly. Besides, you’ll need coding skills for both,… Continue reading