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Blackjack tips and Roulette secrets [Infographic]

This infographic by 24hPoker includes interesting facts about casino games, along with online blackjack tips and roulette secrets. For example, did you know that Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Queen Elizabeth II have tried their luck playing roulette, whereas Napoleon liked playing blackjack? Or that the roulette wheel weighs 50 to 60kg? How about the… Continue reading

Online Gambling in Europe: Where to relocate

What goes on with online gambling in Europe? Thinking of relocating in Europe to carry on your online gambling activities? I am sure the gambling map of GamblingCompliance will come in handy before you decide what country you are moving in. The map shows the European countries where internet gambling is either regulated or prohibited… Continue reading

US, Australia and Europe going after gambling industry

Gambling and specifically online gambling seems to be under fire in USA, Australia and Europe. Government officials make statements against online sports betting every day, commissions go after prediction markets and introduced laws prevent people from accessing online bookmakers when their websites are in foreign countries. Is it the end of online gambling as we… Continue reading

TaxiBeat: The Greek Startup that attracted Gamblers!

Betting on a taxi ride? Gamblers in Greece had set up an illegal gambling operation where they could bet their money on the fastest taxi driver or on the most likely route drivers would take! According to Greek news, young University students were arrested a couple of days ago when a taxi driver and member… Continue reading

Greek Online Gambling law imposes Tax on Gambling Winnings

Internet gambling in Greece is expected to change dramatically on December 5, when the legislation about online gambling comes into effect, according to officials’ announcement. The Greek law will impose a tax on gambling winnings that come from either online betting or online poker, while 30% taxation on betting sites’ gross profits is also scheduled…. Continue reading

Greek legislation against online gambling sites

Are you visiting Greece and planning on betting in your favorite online gambling site? Greek legislation that will come in effect on December 5, prohibits players from accessing their betting accounts, in case their favorite gambling site is one of the sites, which haven’t acquired an operating license in Greece. This is all part of… Continue reading

Online Gambling Sites Affected by Regulations and Legislation

Online gambling sites seem to struggle against new European and American legislation that tries to regulate the gambling market. Sports betting companies and bookmakers were hit in Europe when Italy and recently Spain introduced new legislation that requires purchase of license in order to operate in those countries, which effectively leads to taxation of the… Continue reading

Commission in Online Gambling from Poker to Stock Trading

All these gambling investments are taken place in an environment, which provides some services. And what do I mean by that… Let”s say that someone has found an edge in poker. He finds 3-4 other players who also think that they have found an edge against other players (usually in poker terms, edge has the… Continue reading